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The entry for the 28th Annual automation fair of Rockwell Automation has been opened

(Milwaukee, October 14, 2019). The 2019 automation fair, jointly organized by Rockwell Automation and its PartnerNetwork members, has been opened. The 28th Annual automation Expo will be held in the West Hall of McCormick Convention and Exhibition Center in Chicago, Illinois on November. This Expo will attract nearly 10000 manufacturing practitioners and innovative talents from around the world to gather together to discuss new automation innovation achievements and understand the new trends of industry forums, training and communication activities

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automation Expo will hold more than 150 exhibitions to display the latest products and technological innovations in the field of industrial manufacturing. The conference will also hold a number of industry forums, hands-on experiments and technical lectures, bringing participants more than 400 hours of learning experience

automation Expo is the best way to let customers know about Rockwell Automation and our partners. Customers can fully experience the progress we have made on the road to Internet enterprises and our contribution to helping industrial enterprises and their employees improve productivity, Blake Moret, chairman and CEO of Rockwell Automation, said that the existing insulators for high-speed rail cannot be used at low temperature. We will give full play to human imagination and the potential of science and technology, create more possibilities for mankind, and make the world smarter, more interconnected and more efficient

exhibition hall of automation Expo

the exhibition hall of automation Expo will set up diversified industry forums to discuss nine themes, including chemical industry, food and beverage, life science, material transportation, mining, OEM and intelligent machines, power and energy, water and sewage treatment and human development. Relevant customers and industry leaders will share their practical experience with deep 24 reinforced concrete hot-rolled ribbed bars. Hands on experiments will provide interactive product training, and technical lectures will explain cutting-edge application cases and provide on-site demonstrations to participants in the form of lectures. In terms of hands-on experiments and technology, the standard tension samples with corresponding force values will be clamped on the upper seat of the experimental machine. Sub venues in the following fields will be opened: control, information solutions, network infrastructure, electric power, motion and motor control, process solutions, safety and network safety, services and solutions, and visualization

process solutions user group (psug)

at psug from November 18 to 19, participating customers will have the opportunity to discuss and understand the practical experience, innovative methods and emerging technologies in the field of process automation. In July, the conference will also include a number of executive keynote speeches, 50 technology and customer led seminars, and 10 hands-on experiments to discuss current hot topics such as control strategies, optimization and process safety

automation prospect Media Forum (only invitees)

automation Expo prospect forum will be held on November 19, when media and industry analysts from all over the world will be invited to attend. Many Rockwell Automation executives and industry experts will come to the scene to talk about how enterprises realize the vision of interconnected enterprises and explore new possibilities, share relevant strategies on how to deal with opportunities and challenges in network safety and labor shortage, exchange leadership ideas, and interpret key issues affecting the industry. In addition, there are many executive keynote speeches, and the results of the exciting first you make it challenge will be announced

the entrance of automation Expo, prospect forum and psug registration has been opened:

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