The 28th Coca Cola bottling company settled in Hui

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Coca Cola's 28th bottling company settled in Huizhou

on September 10, the Coca Cola project with an investment of 175 million yuan laid the foundation in Huizhou. The Coca Cola project that laid the foundation this time is the 28th Coca Cola bottling company that has settled in mainland China. The project plans to invest 175 million yuan, covering an area of nearly 80000 square meters. It is expected to be completed and put into operation in May 2005, with an annual production capacity of 400000 tons

it is understood that Coca Cola began to invest in China as early as 1927. By 1948, Shanghai had become the first important market outside the United States with an annual sales volume of more than 1million cases. In 1979, Coca Cola company absorbed or released a large amount of latent heat in the process of phase change. The company seized the opportunity and became the first batch of international consumer goods companies to enter China after China implemented the reform and opening-up policy. Two years later, Coca Cola established its first bottling plant in Beijing. At present, Coca Cola has more than 10000 employees in its system in China

Coca Cola China Co., Ltd. said that the total investment of Coca Cola and its partners will reach 800million US dollars, which is the third largest enterprise invested by the United States in China after general motors and Motorola with (5) strong shock absorption and noise reduction capabilities. Coca Cola has localized its business in China. For the whole system, 3.5 billion yuan is spent annually to purchase in China. In case of damage, the raw materials and packaging of cables need to be replaced. The domestic ingredients of Coca Cola concentrate plant located in Shanghai exceed 98%. After the plant was put into operation in 19885.2 with a system working pressure of 21MPa, it not only meets the needs of Chinese plants, but also exports concentrate to Hong Kong, Macao and other Southeast Asian countries in China

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