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The 29th stop of the "customer care Tour" of shan44 sub promotions entered Qingyuan, the "hometown of dragon boats"

the 29th stop of Shantui "customer care Tour" entered Qingyuan, the "hometown of dragon boats"

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on May 27, the Shantui customer care tour activity with the theme of "starting from the heart to achieve value" kicked off in Qingyuan, Guangdong, which is known as the "hometown of Chinese dragon boats". The visiting group, composed of relevant personnel from Shanpu Prefecture Office and Guangdong Shantui, first paid a visit to Qingyuan Huiqing expressway

at the first stop, the team members came to the construction site of a road and Bridge Company in the 12th bid section of Huiqing Expressway to strengthen communication with EU customers. In recent years, the unit has successively purchased two sd16tl bulldozers and two sr26m-3 rollers. After arriving at the scene, the visiting group first sent holiday greetings and blessings to the users. The road roller under construction is a road roller purchased by the user in March 2017, which has been working for 3007. Control mode: PLC has been used for more than hours. According to the user's feedback, it is well used, especially its climbing ability is better than that of competitive products. The service personnel also gave the user suggestions on operation and maintenance, and gave the filter element as a gift

then, the visiting group drove to the third work area of China Railway fourth Bureau in bid section 13, where Shantui bulldozers and rollers were busy carrying out operations. Seeing the arrival of Shantui visiting group, the driver quickly stopped the equipment and came forward to meet them. After a while of greetings, the service staff checked the equipment and gave small gifts

finally, I visited work area 5, where a complete set of Shantui equipment has just arrived at the site. Dh17c full hydraulic bulldozer, sr26m-3 roller, sr20m roller and sl50w-2 are all busy working. After seeing the user, the visiting group asked about the use of the equipment, and the user also gave a positive evaluation of Shantui's equipment, saying: "Shantui's machine is comfortable and convenient to operate, and its operation efficiency is also high. It's really rare for you to visit it every year because it is used so well."

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