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28 word policy for the technological development of the printing and equipment industry

after experts' demonstration organized by the China printing and equipment industry association, the 28 word technical development policy for the printing and equipment industry in the next decade was put forward, namely: "Prepress digital and networking; printing multicolor and high efficiency; prepress diversity and automation; high quality and serialization of equipment."

The essence of the 28 character policy is to promote the industrialization of high and new technology. It takes "Prepress digital and networking" as the leader, so as to drive the development of "printing, Postpress" and "equipment"

The 28 word policy includes many high technologies, that is, to apply modern high technology to the printing field by Ms. Yu Miao, the Asia Pacific Commercial Director of Dow polyurethane business department, a leading chemical enterprise in the United States. The new high technology of printing will transform the traditional printing industry of our country in an all-round way

at present, the 28 character technology development policy has become the consensus of the domestic printing industry. Beijing has formulated a ten-year plan to implement the 28 character policy, and Guangdong and other provinces and cities are also formulating plans

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