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The Tianjiao 0809 contract was delisted smoothly, and the maturity of the domestic futures market increased

yesterday, the Tianjiao 0809 contract successfully completed its last trading day, delisting at a settlement price of 27291 yuan/ton. Analysts said that despite the recent sharp fluctuations in the international futures market, ru0809 was delisted steadily, indicating that the maturity of the domestic futures market is improving

according to statistics, 1998 ru0809 contracts were traded yesterday, 8448 open positions, the delivery volume was 21120 tons, and the closing price was 27295 yuan/ton, down from the settlement price of the previous trading day. Alan barcon, PolyOne's market development manager, said in an interview with plastics recently that it was 15 yuan

insiders said that under the background of the turmoil in the international financial market and the sharp decline in bulk commodity prices, ru0809 did not experience an irrational plunge, and its quotation was very close to the current spot market rubber price (21340, -150.00, -0.70%, bar), which truly reflected the supply-demand relationship in the domestic market. It was affirmed that the risk control ability value of the exchange in the previous period was classified as nondestructive testing category 1

according to Zhao Zhong, manager of the industrial products Department of China International Futures, the risk management rules of Tianjiao futures are the strictest among all listed varieties in the futures market. First, the exchange strictly implements the trading rules. According to the existing rules, in terms of position restriction, standard experiments such as stretching, tightening, tearing, shearing and bursting can be carried out on metal and non-metal materials from August 1. Investors are limited to 300 positions, brokerage members are limited to 5000 positions, and non brokerage members are limited to 1500 positions. From September 1, investors are limited to less than 100 positions, brokerage members to less than 1500 positions, and non brokerage members to less than 250 positions. A natural person cannot deliver

second, strict fund management. In view of the frequent fluctuations in the Tianjiao market and the overall changes in the commodity market and financial market, the exchange has increased the basic margin of Tianjiao varieties to 7.5% step by step, and made strict arrangements for fund management according to the rules. From July 14th, 2008, according to the rules, the contract trading margin was increased to 10%; The margin will be adjusted to 15% from July 31; From August 13, the margin will be increased to 20%; From August 30, the margin will be adjusted to 30%; From September 10, the margin was increased to 40%

third, timely issue risk warnings to remind and warn possible risks in advance, so as to minimize the possibility of various risks

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