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Tianjiao yesterday implemented an agreement to close its position. Shanghai copper is closed for one day today. On the Shanghai Futures Exchange, Tianjiao futures, which was closed for one day, closed its position by agreement yesterday; Shanghai copper (0, -45760.00, -100.00%, bar) will be closed for one day today because of three consecutive limit declines, and the treatment method will be introduced later. In addition, Shanghai zinc (12325, -475.00, -3.71%, bar), which had previously fallen by the limit, stabilized yesterday, avoiding the situation of "three board limit". Previously, it was expected that the exchange would expand the limit for the rise and fall of Tianjiao in the previous period, but it was finally resolved by closing positions by agreement

According to the introduction of the previous issue, in view of the three-day limit decline of natural rubber (16360, -685.00, -4.02%, bar) ru0811 and ru0901 contracts, according to Article 14 of the measures for the management of risk control of Shanghai Futures Exchange, the exchange will adopt the method of measure 2 of Article 14 of the measures for the management of risk control of Shanghai Futures Exchange to close its position on October 8, 2008. On October 9, the trading of the above contract resumed, and its limit was adjusted to 4%, and the trading margin was 8%

it is understood that Tianjiao's position closing method this time is: at the settlement of D4 trading day, the exchange will automatically match and conclude the transaction with the net position profit investors (or non brokerage members, the same below) of the contract according to the position proportion at the daily limit price of D3 trading day. If the same investor holds a two-way position, he shall first close his position, and then close his position according to the above method. After taking measure 2, if the risk is resolved, the rise and fall limit and the proportion of trading margin on the next trading day will return to the normal level; If the risk has not been resolved, the exchange will declare it as an abnormal situation and take risk control measures in accordance with relevant regulations

yesterday, the trading of 0901 contract, the main contract of Shanghai Jiaotong, was suspended due to three limits, and the contracts in other months, except the spot month 0810 contract, closed at the limit. Insiders said that in the short term, the decline of Tianjiao has not yet ended

Shanghai copper will stop trading for one day

yesterday, Shanghai copper opened on the down limit. After about 10 minutes, the down limit opened, but it was not long, and then it continued to be blocked on the down limit. Shanghai copper 0901 finally closed at 45080 yuan/ton, down 2880 yuan/ton or 6% from the previous trading day. According to the regulations of the exchange, the contract cu0810-cu0907 has a third limit, and the trading of the above contract will be suspended for one day on the next trading day. However, industry insiders said that due to the limit once opened, many bulls have taken the opportunity to close their positions. Because Tianjiao adopted the way of closing positions by agreement, it is impossible to predict how Shanghai copper will resolve the risks. The exchange will announce specific measures to resolve the risks in the market today

in addition, the production of degradable environmental protection materials by Shanghai plastic products enterprises will be the main force of the mainstream and trend. The 0812 contract closed at 12730 yuan, which increased the impact on the passive gear by 115 yuan, or 0.9%, and resolved the risk of falling by the limit of the third board

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