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Tianjiao broke and rose, entering the rebound market

Thai rubber rose again during the day, due to light supply and strong rise of Japanese rubber. As of the 24th, the supply of Thai collagen glue was less than 20 tons. Japanese rubber jumped high in the morning, strongly accelerating the rise in volume, boosting market sentiment. In terms of positions, it can also provide the most effective impetus for the development of various industries. Mitsubishi continues to increase its holdings of multiple orders, and the main air force begins to reduce its positions, further amplifying the upward momentum. As the name suggests, K-line can only be used for single 1 Tensile test, which shows that the Japanese glue breaks through the lower edge of the rising channel and shows signs of acceleration. Transactions increased steadily, further strengthening the confidence to do long

in the domestic market, the transactions in the spot market were significantly enlarged on the 25th, with speculation that 100 tons of spot goods were traded at a price of more than 22000 yuan. Over the same period, the spot supply also increased. After a long period of silence, spot transactions have become an opportunity to promote market change. According to the information released by the relevant station, due to the rare cold damage in the past 50 years, the opening and cutting of rubber trees were delayed, and pests and diseases broke out. From January 15 to February 19 this year, 36 days of low temperature, light and rainy weather caused serious damage to 3.8327 million mu of rubber trees in Hainan reclamation area. The affected area reached 3.071 million mu, the loss of dry rubber was 27140 tons, the affected area of small and medium-sized seedlings reached 761700 mu, 761700 mu, 368900 plants died, and 1.5 million seedlings died in the nursery. Compared with the same period last year, the phenology of the leaves of 3.071 million rubber cutting trees in the whole reclamation area was delayed by 20 days compared with the normal year, and the cutting time was delayed by 20 days. Only this item lost 1419 tons of dry rubber

technically, the main monthly contract positions increased by 7640 during the day, and the total position of Shanghai Jiao increased to 108920. The futures price jumped high during the day, and then oscillated and rose to close on the daily limit. As we pointed out in the "classification viewpoint of the measurement method of film friction coefficient in early trading", the recent low price continued to increase positions, the transaction was intensive, and the intraday short jump and high opening to break through the consolidation range became the best opportunity to intervene. From the perspective of market participation, the futures price can be further improved. Considering the new rubber market, the medium-term short thinking is maintained. Short term rebound

the operation can basically meet the requirements of ordinary plastic raw material processing and plastic waste processing and molding, with multiple single intervention and short-term rebound. Be cautious about trading risks during the May Day holiday

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