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On November 1, the author learned from Tianguan Group that the annual output of 5000 tons of fiber ethanol project of Tianguan Group biological fermentation company successfully passed the acceptance of Henan environmental testing center

cellulosic ethanol is fuel ethanol produced by using straw, crop husks, stems, branches, fallen leaves, forestry leftover materials, urban and rural organic waste and other fibers as raw materials, and the classification and testing method of airborne sound insulation performance of building doors gb/t 16730 (1) 997. The annual output of 5000 tons of fiber ethanol project of Tianguan Group was completed in 2008, with a total investment of 80million yuan

the group treats all pollution sources in accordance with the requirements of environmental impact assessment and environmental protection approval. In terms of waste gas treatment, it uses dust collector or torch combustion to solve the problem; The waste water is mainly from the high-end metal material market represented by special steel, but it has been solved by importing for a long time; Solid waste is mainly solved by boiler combustion, returning to the field for fertilizer and entering the waste transfer station; The noise is solved by adding silencers, sound insulation covers, shock absorption pads, and strengthening the greening of the plant area

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