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Tianhua plastic industry developed adhesive free packaging film environmental protection and safety

Wuhu scientific research and development plan project undertaken by Wuhu Tianhua Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. - ` environmental friendly adhesive free food packaging film 'has passed the expert appraisal organized by Anhui Provincial Department of science and technology

the technology of this project is novel and has many innovative points. First, on the basis of introducing advanced equipment, we developed major technological improvements by ourselves, and used special static mixers to make raw materials enter the membrane cavity. Some of these projects have become local benchmark projects for secondary plasticization, achieving special quality effects; Second, in the production process, the mutual pressure and tension between the rollers and the temperature of each heating section of the mold are optimized, which improves the peel strength of the adhesive free composite film; Thirdly, the structure of the main component silicone roll and its angle with the cooling steel roll have been improved, so that the film has sufficient contact time with the substrate at high temperature, and the composite fastness of the film has been improved

through the improvement of production process and equipment, the project realizes the production of composite film without adhesive, and fundamentally solves the problem of solvent residue. The products have been tested by Anhui Provincial Institute of supervision and inspection and Anhui provincial chemical product quality supervision and inspection station, and all technical indicators are superior to the requirements of the national standard GB/t10005-1998. Nowadays, plastic products have become an indispensable and important part of people's lives. This new type of packaging material conforms to the provisions of the catalogue of industries, products and technologies that the state focuses on encouraging the development. It has been well reflected by users, has broad market prospects, and has obvious economic, social and environmental benefits

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