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Tianhe releases pccad v21 official with two-dimensional and three-dimensional function combination for free download design is better

Tianhe releases pccad v21 official with two-dimensional and three-dimensional function combination for free download design is better

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brief history of CAD

Computer Aided Design (CAD) uses the powerful computing function of computers and efficient graphics processing ability, A technology that assists knowledge workers in the design and analysis of engineering and products to achieve ideal goals or achieve innovative results. The application of CAD started in the 1950s and 1960s, developed rapidly in the 1970s and 1980s, and matured and popularized in the 1990s. CAD has become an indispensable key supporting tool in the industrial field

since the mid and late 1980s, CAD application research in China has mainly been carried out in universities. The real application is from the "plate rejection" project proposed by the national science and Technology Commission in 1995. CAD application in China has entered the stage of rapid promotion and application. And since the beginning of the new millennium, 3D CAD has been gradually promoted in the automotive, aerospace and aerospace industries. With its performance advantages and adaptability to the development of automotive, aerospace and aerospace industries, the application share of 3D CAD in these three industries has increased year by year. By the end of the 12th Five year plan (2015), these three industries have been dominated by 3D CAD applications

benefiting from the plate rejection project, China's CAD has also ushered in a wave of opportunities for vigorous development since 1996. Relying on the technology of universities and professional research institutes, a number of domestic CAD software companies have been born:

the machinery industry mainly includes: Tsinghua Tianhe, Exeter, Gaohua (Yingtai), CASS software of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Daheng CAD, Wuhan Kaimu, Tianyu, Beihang Haier (CAXA), and honeysuckle 3D CAD and other software companies, The engineering construction industry mainly includes: Tianzheng, Lizheng, PKPM, HaoChen, Bochao and other software companies

the trend and current situation of domestic CAD substitution

after more than 20 years of application and promotion in China, CAD has played an irreplaceable role in improving the design level of China's manufacturing and engineering fields, the former is a glass reinforced resin, as well as the quality and efficiency of manufacturing and engineering implementation. CAD has formed a stable and complete industry in the world. Judging from the actual situation of CAD application in China, CAD products and technologies are basically monopolized by foreign countries:

high end 3D CAD is monopolized by SIEMENS NC, Dassault CATIA and PTC (Creo), and mid-range 3D CAD Dassault SolidWorks is the only one combining domestic and foreign supply and demand and industrial development trend, followed by inventor and Siemens SolidEdge

AutoCAD is in an absolute monopoly position in the field of two-dimensional CAD, and its actual utilization rate is more than 90%. In 2015, AutoCAD began to subscribe, which brought a certain opportunity for the localization and replacement of CAD. Domestic companies based on CAD platforms took this opportunity to usher in rapid development: Zhongwang and HaoChen achieved rapid development

at present, the domestic CAD software companies active in the domestic machinery industry mainly include CAXA, Zhongwang, HaoChen and Tianhe; CAXA and Tianhe have been focusing on the machinery industry. Zhongwang and HaoChen are based in the engineering construction industry and have been actively developing to the machinery industry in the past 10 years

at present, compared with foreign rivals, domestic CAD software still has a great gap in 3D CAD. 2D CAD has been very close to foreign CAD software and has formed their own characteristics. At present, the four CAD manufacturers in the machinery industry have their own advantages and disadvantages:

CAXA: focus on the machinery industry, but there are big problems in the compatibility of graphic formats

medium hope: 2D CAD is an open source code based on ITC, and ITC control is in the United States, which has great risks; The understanding of manufacturing industry is not deep

HaoChen: he used to be an important member of ITC, and the underlying technology of CAD is closely related to ITC

the above three manufacturers also have a very important common problem: their three-dimensional CAD and two-dimensional CAD are completely two systems, and they are compatible with the code for indoor environmental pollution control of civil building engineering GB50325 (2) 001

Tianhe: it has been focusing on the electromechanical manufacturing industry for more than 20 years and is the leader of mechanical CAD standards. Pccad has a wide application foundation in two-dimensional mechanical CAD and is a de facto industry standard. At the same time, Tianhe has accumulated in-depth digitalization in cad/capp/plm/mes manufacturing industry for many years, and truly realizes that CAD not only serves the design, but also improves the overall operation of the enterprise and provides comprehensive digitalization services

features of pccad v21

the newly released new product pccad v21 of Tianhe has made significant improvements on the basis of integrating the original advantages:

1. Pccad v21 supports dual platforms and perfectly replaces AutoCAD

this enables designers to focus on completing design work with pccad without caring about the CAD platform. Pccad v21 realizes the complete inheritance of historical design achievements without changing the working habits of designers. Help enterprises realize risk-free CAD replacement and completely solve the problem of CAD copyright

1) the data format is consistent

dwg, DXF format is completely consistent, senseless mutual reading

2) operation habits - the signal of this chipset is roughly the basic operation habits of

cad, and the operation habits of mechanical drawing

3) the integration interface is consistent

the secondary development interface is consistent, and the PDM integration interface is consistent

2. The software secondary developed by the enterprise on AutoCAD can be quickly transplanted to pccadv21

3. Tianhe pccad can be deeply integrated with mainstream PLM

Tianhe cooperates with mainstream PLM original manufacturers and their integration service providers, and there are many cases that can ensure the integration with existing PLM

4. Integration of 2D and 3D

Tianhe pccad v21 perfectly integrates 3D CAD and 2D CAD, making it convenient for customers to use and reducing customer costs in all aspects

5. AI application

pccad v21 applies AI technologies such as machine learning to CAD to further improve design efficiency and enable designers to focus more on product innovation. Pccad v21 is an international leader in AI applications, and is one of its key features

Tianhe pccad v21 inherits the consistent advantages of pccad as the leader of Chinese mechanical CAD standards, and can completely replace AutoCAD. Pccad can continuously help designers focus on design works more efficiently, and pcccad is relatively more suitable for Chinese people to use

pccad v21 latest download: you can search "pccad" in Baidu and enter Tianhe CAD official for free download

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