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Tianjiao opened the curtain of seasonal rise, with more than 2000 rising space

with the weakening of the subprime loan crisis, the global financial market strengthened across the board, crude oil rebounded to more than $75/barrel, Tokyo Jiao also rebounded strongly, and Shanghai Jiao gradually opened the curtain of seasonal rise. After the completion of the warehouse transfer transaction from 711 to 801 contracts, the main contract has broken through and stood firm. 2 it is guaranteed that the experimental machine will not be overloaded and damage the 10000 yuan front line. It is expected that there will be room for the contract to rise by more than 2000 yuan

macro benefits show

in order to avoid the spread of the subprime mortgage crisis, the chairman of the Federal Reserve made a statement to appease investor sentiment, saying that the Federal Reserve will take any measures to alleviate the market crisis, including interest rate cuts. At the same time, the Rally machine is widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, measurement, school sites and laboratories, and its utilization fields cover machinery, metallurgy, construction, aviation, aerospace, military industry, transportation, transportation, quality inspection, measurement European and American central banks in education, health care and other industries injected a large amount of capital into the financial market, thereby alleviating the weakness of the U.S. real estate market, weakening the sub-prime loan crisis, strengthening the global financial market, crude oil rebounded to more than $73, the yen exchange rate stabilized near 116, and the global natural rubber price continued to rise slightly after the previous rise. Among them, the price of latex raw materials in the three spot markets of Southeast Asia and Thailand, the number of black hearts and the spot price of No. 20 standard glue in the three countries' No. 3 cigarette glue, the Singapore rubber market, the import cost of No. 20 standard glue in the domestic Qingdao International Rubber Trading market, and the domestic No. 5 price in the domestic rubber market in qiongdian production area have rebounded in an all-round way. Only the price of rubber in the domestic sales area has remained consolidated, and the global rubber market has staged a rebound in the peak season of rubber cutting

international supply and demand turn positive

Thailand's production area is still in the seasonal peak season of natural rubber. The rainfall in August is about 100 mm lower than the normal level in previous years. Rubber farmers hold a large amount of raw rubber, the supply is expanded, and the inventory is overstocked. However, factories and exporters purchase actively, which promotes the price of raw rubber to rise. Thailand exported 244750 tons of rubber in July, an increase of 24467 tons over June and 8706 tons over July last year. Exports totaled 24233 tons per month, down from the same period last year. After July, it will enter the high production period. Due to the approaching defoliation period, the raw material price of Indonesian gum remained high, and the price difference between Indonesian gum and Thai and Malaysian gum narrowed. Most buyers bought Indonesian gum, resulting in the reduction of Indonesian gum spot inventory and the booming sales of Thai and Malaysian natural rubber. In turn, the tight spot supply and rising prices in Thailand and Malaysia in August prompted Indonesian gum to be heavily purchased by buyers

however, although the Thai production area is in the peak season, it has encountered a continuous rainfall climate. It has entered the production increase cycle. The rubber cutting is smooth, the inventory has increased, and the rubber cutting volume in the peak season has increased steadily. The southern production area of equatorial Indonesia has entered the winter defoliation period from September to November. The production areas include southern Sumatra, Western Kalimantan, and southern Kalimantan. The above areas account for about 1/3 of the annual rubber production in Indonesia. The rubber trees defoliate during the overwintering period, the rainfall stops, and the temperature rises, Gum trees produce less than 1/3 of latex. Processors and exporters sold stock rubber and new rubber weakened, and large multinational tire manufacturers increased their willingness to purchase, prompting the rubber price to stop falling and rise

it should be noted that in the recent stage, No. 3 glue and No. 20 glue in Singapore rubber market have rebounded from 210 cents/kg and 200 cents/kg respectively, including China, Singapore, Japan and South Korea. The increase is significantly higher than the increase in the prices of No. 3 glue and No. 20 glue in the rubber producing countries. The main reason is that the seasonal supply of goods in Indonesia has shrunk, and the spot prices of No. 3 cigarette glue and No. 20 standard glue have been rationally returned to Thailand The spot rubber price of No. 3 rubber in Tokyo rubber market and No. 20 standard rubber in the three countries' production areas, the discount range of Singapore rubber price to the spot rubber price of the three countries has been reduced, and the discount range of forward delivery has also been reduced. The rubber producers and Singapore traders are reluctant to sell at a low price, while consumers are active in bargain hunting, leading to the gradual rise of rubber prices

Hainan and Yunnan production areas are protected by agricultural reclamation

in terms of domestic rubber market, Hainan and Yunnan production areas are still in the peak season of rubber cutting in the middle of the year, but agricultural reclamation is reluctant to sell, and they work together to protect the plate, regulate the rubber price, and promote the convergence of the price difference between the two cities. The number of pending orders in the two rubber markets has increased slightly, and the trading volume has expanded. At present, it is difficult to effectively release the inventory of nearly 100000 tons in the two cities, and the spot rubber prices in the two cities are trapped in strong fluctuations in the yuan region. Although the supply scale of new rubber listed in Hainan and Yunnan production areas reached a relatively large scale in the middle of the year, and the supply pressure appeared, due to the serious reluctance of agricultural reclamation to sell, the rubber market transactions tended to be depressed, the trading volume was difficult to effectively enlarge, the rubber price trend was difficult to reflect the actual relationship between supply and demand, and more reflected the reluctance of agricultural reclamation to sell, and the future market will still maintain a linkage upward trend with Shanghai rubber

in terms of consumption, domestic tire enterprises actively purchase Tianjiao with delivery date in September, so as to complete the preparation before the National Day holiday, so as to prevent the impact of tire production due to the failure to pass customs and pick up goods during the national day, resulting in a sharp increase in the import of Tianjiao in September, which may exceed the level of 200000 tons, which constitutes a strong boost to the international rubber market

to sum up, the global rubber market continued to rise unilaterally due to the positive factors such as the dilution of financial bad news and the use of rubber to usher in the peak season. However, we should be vigilant that there is uncertainty in the later stage of the financial market, and the rise of rubber market still has the characteristics of uncertainty and repeated changes

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