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Tianjian mechanical processing industry solutions

1. Overview

the mechanical industry is the equipment department of the national economy, the foundation of the materialization of science and technology, the carrier of high-tech industrialization, the foundation of national defense construction, the important pillar to achieve rapid economic growth, and the supply department to improve people's quality of life. Its impact on the quality of national economic operation

2.1 Business management characteristics

the market competition is fierce, the personalized requirements of products are becoming stronger and stronger, and the delivery time is changing. The disadvantages of the piezoelectric load sensor of the experimental machine are: the coming time is shorter

improving product after-sales service has become a major factor in enterprise competition

2.2. Production management features

production mode is mainly order production, supplemented by market forecast

the production form of products is multi variety, large, medium and small batches

the technological process of products changes frequently, and the production plan changes frequently

capacity demand is established according to each product, and there are few links between processes, which is difficult to predict

there are many semi-finished products or purchased parts, requiring high accuracy of BOM and inventory

raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products and waste products are frequently warehoused, and the cost calculation is complex. It is necessary to collect and allocate the cost according to the cost object and with the production process

2.3. Product features

product configuration is complex and BOM levels are many

there are many kinds of products and products in process

3. solution

function introduction:

3.1 Basic data management

the product data management subsystem of Tianjian machining industry solution helps users establish and maintain the main basic data that enterprises should cancel for production and use when generating corresponding export subsidies. Maintain the data of product structure and parts, materials used, material consumption of a single piece, and product quality requirements, and have the function of replacing parts. Provide the basic data of the work center and process route with the breaking load of nearly 50 tons in 5 of the 7 experiments conducted by the team, carry out the man hour quota of the product workshop and work center, summarize the product material consumption quota, and copy and version maintenance of various engineering data

3.2. Production management

[Master production plan]

master production plan (MPS) mainly describes what, when and how much an enterprise plans to produce, and it drives material demand planning and capacity demand planning. The production scheduling object of the master production plan is a specific product or general-purpose component, which is generally detailed to the model and specification of the product, and the time cycle is generally detailed to the month or ten days. It has a flexible interface with the sales and forecasting system, and the system can automatically read the confirmed sales contract and the predicted quantity. It can also be entered manually by this system. Plans can be automatically generated according to batch criteria and inventory status. Provide two-level processing to include general components in the main production plan, and complete the final plan preparation

[material demand plan]

according to product structure data (BOM) and estimated inventory status, automatically prepare material demand plans - production plans and purchase plans, and different batch policies can be adopted. Through task tracking, guide other work centers, and the material procurement department to process or purchase the appropriate amount of materials and parts at the appropriate time, which helps to avoid material shortages, reduce inventory, and improve the production efficiency of the enterprise

[capacity demand plan]

generate a rough capacity demand plan according to MPS tasks, and calculate the equipment and manpower of key work centers. Rough capacity requirements can be queried by date and work center. Accounting for key resources. It can generate process schedule, daily capacity demand plan and detailed capacity demand plan, conduct detailed capacity accounting, and provide detailed capacity demand plan report

[workshop site management]

prepare workshop operation plans according to relevant data, support sequential, parallel, cross and batch operations, ensure smooth production and processing process, shorten product production cycle, and improve delivery accuracy. Input the on-site data of the workshop in time, such as output, equipment operation, raw material consumption, etc. Ensure that the workshop management personnel can understand the production situation of the workshop in time. And provide production progress, workshop product output report, statistical report of production hours, and workshop WIP quantity statistics. The automatic piecework salary system is integrated with the salary management system to ensure the accuracy of piecework salary, fully reflect the management system of distribution according to work, and improve the enthusiasm of enterprise employees. According to the management mode of the team, make it clearer and more detailed

3.3. Sales management

establish a complete customer file and centrally manage all kinds of documents, such as: customer information - quotation - receipt - Production Scheduling - goods preparation - delivery - Invoicing - delivery - packing - summary. The business originally belonging to different departments has realized seamless links, shortened the delivery cycle and improved delivery timeliness. It also realizes the delivery simulation of orders and the query of inventory supporting conditions. It can randomly query the contract delivery conditions, handle the delivery/return procedures, automatically issue invoices, and directly convert the sales contract data into the main production plan data. Associated with accounts receivable and financial general ledger, it can query customers' Arrears at any time. Easy to use, comprehensive and intuitive sales analysis is helpful for salespersons to analyze the law of market changes and improve their work efficiency

3.4. Purchase management

the purchase management of Tianjian machining industry solution comes from the data directly issued by other departments such as production plan, MRP Ⅱ material demand, inventory, etc. the purchase demand can be consolidated to generate a purchase order after approval ". Multiple materials, multiple delivery dates and batch delivery are allowed for purchased items. The goods can only be warehoused after receiving inspection. It can effectively monitor the implementation of procurement plans, changes in procurement costs and suppliers' delivery performance, so as to help procurement personnel select the best suppliers and procurement strategies, and ensure that procurement work is carried out with high quality, high efficiency and low cost. It has flexible interfaces with subsystems such as production, inventory, accounts payable management and quality

3.5. Inventory management

the main function of inventory is to establish a buffer between supply and demand and alleviate the contradiction between supply and demand; Provide various materials to ensure smooth logistics from raw materials - semi-finished products - finished products - users, provide inventory daily account and cumulative account management, and support multiple warehouses and multiple

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