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Does sports lighting and basketball court lighting need to consider the sports level

Beijing time 33. Continuous experimental fixtures increased. On January 1, the NBA regular season continued. Houston played the visiting Miami at home. After four quarters of the game, the Rockets finally turned around 21 points behind to reverse. You will understand why such considerations defeated the heat

this game is the 58th game of the season when the Rockets are the stars. It is a coincidence that harden scored 58 points +10 assists +7 rebounds in this game, which can be said to lead the team to defeat the opponent on his own. After the last victory, he only got 12 points, which failed to continue the magic to lead the team to victory. The data released yesterday showed that after losing the game, the heat lagged behind the eighth ranked magic in the east by one game, and still had the chance to enter the playoffs

this project has a wide audience in China. In terms of strength, the Chinese men's basketball team is in a dominant position in Asia, and China's basketball court lighting is also in the forefront of the world! For basketball lighting, we need to pay attention to the following data:

basketball court lighting - illumination uniformity and illumination gradient

good uniformity of horizontal illumination, vertical illumination and low illumination gradient. More than 50% of waste plastic is buried, which can avoid the problems caused by visual adaptation of athletes, referees, spectators and cameras. At present, the standard of uniformity is measured by two indicators at the same time:

u1 = minimum illumination/maximum illumination

u2 = minimum illumination/average illumination

the illuminance gradient shows the change rate of illuminance. For example, the illuminance gradient at a point of five meter grid is the largest percentage of illuminance change between that point and the adjacent eight five meter grid points

basketball court lighting - color temperature and color rendering of light source

color rendering of light source and appropriate color temperature can ensure the best on-site lighting effect and TV broadcasting quality. The higher the color rendering, the stronger the color restoration ability

basketball court lighting - control mode

comprehensively consider various sports levels, and use different switch mode settings to meet the lighting requirements of various activities. Nowadays, many stadiums and gymnasiums have chosen intelligent lighting systems, and a multi-purpose real has become a reality! Therefore, whoever can better use the intelligent lighting system in the future can take the lead

in the field of basketball court lighting, many basketball courts have chosen to cooperate with Beidou

Huaxia Beidou lighting fixtures have no filament, no glass bubble, are not afraid of vibration, are not easy to break, and their service life can reach more than 50000 hours, with low comprehensive cost. The Chinese Big Dipper lamp has no electrode and has a very long service life. It meets the needs of basketball court lighting and is a good choice for basketball court lighting

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