The hottest speed smart tag was officially listed

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Speed smart tag Shanghai Zhangjiang High Tech "intends to use this kind of classification based on onomatopoeia as an exchange tool to deepen the relationship between material suppliers and suppliers" the park was officially listed

speed smart tag (Shanghai) jointly established by China business union printing (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Fudan Science and Technology Industry Holding Co., Ltd On May 7, 2006, the company was officially listed in Zhangjiang High Tech Park. The first domestic automatic packaging production line of electronic labels imported from Germany with an investment of 30million yuan was also settled in Zhangjiang yesterday

electronic tags adopt radio frequency identification technology (hereinafter referred to as RFID) to realize long-distance automatic data collection, which will be widely used in tobacco and alcohol, medical and health care, containers, raw food safety, food of animal origin, dangerous goods management, postal service, logistics, commercial circulation, production and manufacturing, military and other fields

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