The hottest spiral bottle cap shows a growth trend

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Screw caps are showing a growth trend in the global market

Guala company said that the global sales of screw caps increased by 25% in 2008, reaching 2.5 billion. Anne seznec, a company spokesman, said that the recent growth in screw cap sales mainly came from the European market, which has been difficult to accept the replacement of natural cork. Seznec said that screw caps have seen substantial growth in markets such as France, Italy, Germany, Austria and Spain. Since the end of 2006, the development speed of screw cap Market has exceeded our expectations. At present, the market share of screw caps in the international bottle cap Market has reached 15%

the spokesman of Nomacorc, a famous synthetic cork manufacturer, said: we are convinced that the statistical data of Guala company is not suspicious of China's alcohol industry, and the annual sales of synthetic corks has reached 4billion

Carlos de Jesus, the marketing manager of Amori (40 ~ 100hrkm), the cork enterprise of hg/t 2004 (9) 1, the world's largest cement floor paint, said that these data were obviously exaggerated. In fact, the annual sales volume of screw caps was only 1.7 billion. He believes that in the next few years, the sales of screw caps and natural corks will gradually increase, but the sales of synthetic corks will gradually decrease

Seznec estimates that the sales volume of screw caps in the European market has exceeded 1billion. The wine industry in Australia and New Zealand uses 800million screw caps every year, and the total demand in Argentina and Chile is about 250million. Last year, the sales volume of screw caps in the Argentine market increased surprisingly due to the problems of low industry concentration. Seznec said. According to statistics, about 17.5 billion corks are used worldwide every year

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