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The specification is not allowed to press and run the line

under normal circumstances, the pressing specification should be accurate. However, this is not the case in actual operation. With the vibration of the thread pressing machine, some fastening wires will loosen, resulting in inaccurate specifications and thread pressing and running

it is normal for such a problem to occur. As long as the causes are carefully analyzed, there will be a solution. The reasons for its formation are:

first, the regular fastening wire is loose or worn, resulting in inaccurate specifications, pressing and running

second, the operator is not in place when pushing the cardboard

third, because the baffle is not high enough, the operator pushes the baffle too hard, resulting in inaccurate specifications

fourth, the technicians are not careful when adjusting, and they adjust the wrong specifications, resulting in inaccurate specifications


1 The operator shall tighten the fastening wire firmly when adjusting the specification, and the worn fastening wire shall be replaced in time

2. When pushing the paperboard, the operator should exert even force to strengthen the dynamic inspection of the announced enterprise and push it in place to prevent unnecessary loss

3. Adjust the higher baffle. Generally, use 50mm 50mm 5mm angle steel or 70mm 70mm 7mm angle steel as regular baffle, which can effectively avoid unnecessary losses caused by inaccurate specifications caused by pushing offside

4. Technical personnel are required to strengthen their awareness. After adjusting the specifications, they should first use a piece of waste cardboard for pressure test, and recheck the pressing specifications to ensure the accuracy of the specifications

the principle is also different

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