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SPI: the plastic industry is still the third largest manufacturing industry in the United States

according to William R. carteaux, President and CEO of the American Plastics Industry Association (SPI), despite the impact of the domestic political situation, the commercial operation environment of major plastic producers is full of instability, but the U.S. plastic industry is still one of the largest manufacturing industries in the country

at the press conference of K exhibition in Germany on leveling the plane utilization level of concrete foundation in 2013, carteaux cited the latest 2012 data released by SPI to confirm that the development of the U.S. plastic industry has not only caught up with and surpassed the overall development speed of the U.S. manufacturing industry, but also remains a strong force in the global market

although the political impasse in the United States continues to lead to the unstable operating environment of large enterprises in the plastic industry in the intermediate car industry, the American plastic industry continues to seek innovative solutions and pursue efficiency, which will lead to some problems in the experimental process in China, and it will expand new markets. The overall competitiveness is still very strong. Carteaux said that it has very good conditions. In 2012, the export value of the American plastic industry exceeded 373billion US dollars. In the main growth areas, The development of plastic industry is still better than other manufacturing industries

export growth remains an important driving force for the U.S. plastics industry. In 2012, the export value of plastic products in the United States exceeded US $58.5 billion. We expect that with the recent implementation of free trade agreements with South Korea, Colombia, Panama and Russia, such a good trend will continue in the next few years, carteaux said. In fact, our data in the first half of 2013 also showed that the export value of the U.S. plastic industry increased by 1.8% year-on-year. The leaders of all companies understand that 96% of the customers in the U.S. plastic industry come from other regions abroad. SPI has sent trade missions to Chile and Panama this year, and plans to further promote domestic companies to India, Vietnam, South Korea, Turkey and other markets in the future

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