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Spi of the United States will jointly host a seminar on degradable plastics

degradable and bio based polymers are receiving more and more attention, and new technologies for manufacturing such polymers are emerging in endlessly. Under this background, the American Plastics Industry Association (SPI) announced on November 28 that the second international Seminar on such materials will be held on the eve of the opening of npe2006, the world's largest plastics industry event in 2006

"International Symposium on Degradable Plastics: the current situation of bio based and synthetic polymer technology" will be held in Chicago, USA, from June 14 to 17, 2006, and then "NPE 2006: the stics showcase of the international PLA when the load can't rise any more" will be held in Chicago from June 19 to 23. The organizer is also the American Plastics Industry Association

the symposium was co hosted by the American Society for biopolymers (BEPS) and the Ninth World Conference on biodegradable polymers and plastics (bdpp) with the American Plastics Industry Association. According to Lynne Harris, vice president of science and technology of the American Plastics Industry Association, the content of the seminar will cover technology, market, application, legal and regulatory affairs

the American Plastics Industry Association held the first seminar on degradable technology in the United States in 1987. "The first symposium was very popular, but biodegradable polymers are still in their infancy", Harris pointed out, "since the last NPE in 2003, driven by the regulatory system and some consumer market preferences, there has been a sudden upsurge of innovation in degradable polymers. The American Plastics Industry Association and the co sponsors organized this seminar to meet the urgent 'knowledge needs' of the plastics industry and many government agencies."

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