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Swop 2019 grand opening opens a new future of green smart packaging

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Asia's leading processing and packaging machinery exhibition - swop packaging world (Shanghai) Expo has kicked off in hall n1-n5 of Shanghai New International Expo Center

it is exciting that this exhibition is the third exhibition of swop. As a member of the Interpack alliance, the world's leading packaging machinery and processing exhibition, swop has integrated international resources. Swop 2019 will preview Interpack 2020 with new trends, new ideas and new technologies in the packaging industry. The exhibition area of this time is that the machines of many domestic manufacturers can reach the internationally recognized quality inspection standard of more than 60000 square meters. Nearly 700 exhibitors compete on the same stage, which is expected to attract more than 30000 professional visitors from home and abroad

swop packaging world (Shanghai) Expo kicked off

at 11:00 this morning, at the swop opening conference held at n5h06 in hall N5, Mr. Zhu Yulun, chairman of Yashi Exhibition Services Co., Ltd., Mr. Marius berlemann, general manager of Duesseldorf Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd In order to overcome these challenges, Mr. Bernd jablonowski, global project director of Duesseldorf exhibition group international processing and packaging machinery exhibition, and Mr. Wu Lin, founder of "packaging house", attended the press conference and delivered a speech; Axel Bartkus, managing director of Dusseldorf Exhibition (China) Co., Ltd., Ms. Gu Yan, senior project director of Dusseldorf Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Ms. Zhu Mingyi, vice chairman of Yashi Exhibition Services Co., Ltd., and Ms. Du Jingxian, general manager of Yashi Exhibition Services Co., Ltd., attended the press conference in the next 3 to 5 years, with more than 50 professional media all present, It has jointly opened the prelude to the swop 2019 packaging world (Shanghai) Expo

this year, with the theme of building a comprehensive packaging industry chain display platform, spop continues to cover nine terminal areas: packaging material production and processing, primary packaging, secondary packaging, packaging material production and processing machinery, packaging and printing, food and beverage processing and packaging, medicine and cosmetics processing and packaging, non food consumer goods processing and packaging, packaging material packaging containers, packaging products, and packaging design It is a one-stop procurement platform integrating the whole industry chain of packaging, including daily chemical, electronic and electrical appliances, medicine, automobile accessories, plastic products and parts, as well as packaging and printing

this exhibition attracted exhibitors from 13 countries and regions around the world, including China, Germany, France, Sweden, Belgium, Italy, the United Kingdom, the United States, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Taiwan, China, with first-class products and innovative achievements in the field of processing and packaging. Among them, leading enterprises in the processing and packaging industry such as Hewlett Packard, haoyoufu, Demag, Hangzhou Zhongya, Hualian machinery, Yongchuang, berry elite, and TONGCHAN Lixing (in no order) all appeared in swop 2019 to jointly show the development trend of intelligence, integration, personalization, and environmental protection in the packaging manufacturing industry

swop and "packaging house", which is committed to building the most valuable FMCG industry chain ecosystem and has more than 1200 FMCG industry members, have worked together for three times, Jointly build a "FMCG Theme Pavilion" in hall N3.

the theme pavilion mainly displays packaging containers and packaging consumables, and its scale has been upgraded again compared with the previous session. There are more than 200 exhibitors, with a display area of more than 10000 square meters. Among them, the entry of Shaoxing Shangyu District cosmetics packaging industry association also makes the "FMCG Theme Pavilion" shine. Display high-quality products and create a cross domain communication platform for packaging application end users, so as to enhance brand competitiveness. At a time when packaging materials and products have become the focus of attention in the terminal field, "FMCG Theme Pavilion" is undoubtedly one of the competitive highlights of swop

swop 2019 concurrent activities are wonderful

swop 2019 concurrent activities are wonderful. Many theme exhibition areas and forums are inspired by the Interpack exhibition, including the "save food to save food" jointly hosted by FAO and Duesseldorf Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., which landed in swop 2019 in the form of theme exhibition and Summit Forum

at the Summit Forum on the second day of the exhibition (November 26), FAO, Shanghai letterpress Co., Ltd., German machinery and equipment manufacturing Federation, AMETEK membrane, modivic, and the winners of the "anti hunger maker's workshop" at Tsinghua University will share with you how to extend the shelf life of food with innovative packaging materials and technologies, reduce food loss and waste, and thus reduce production costs for enterprises, It can also contribute to the social protection of the environment

It can control the quality of products

in addition, this year, spop cooperates with the packaging communication design major (sivapack) of Shanghai Institute of visual arts, which is famous in China's packaging design industry, Jointly hold the "generation Z, new future" sivapack burden design exhibition and the "new era insight" International Design Summit Forum. Generation Z refers to the generation born after 95 to 00, which is the new future of the market. In this increasingly fierce brand competition "new era", we will work with brands and the packaging industry from the packaging design, with a sense of innovation Business thinking and consumer insight help enterprises and end users grasp business opportunities

in order to further explore the future development trend of intelligent packaging and provide strategic support for the development of upstream and downstream enterprises in the packaging industry, the organizers held several large-scale and multi angle forums at the same time, covering hot topics such as food processing, intelligent packaging, green packaging, packaging design and creativity, e-commerce logistics packaging, including:

generation Z, New future "sivapack packaging design exhibition"

FMCG creative forum

paper and plastic packaging development forum in the era of green and intelligent manufacturing

FMCG special forum "leading the future"

FMCG theme Hall thank you reception

save food China Food Festival China Summit Forum

"insight for the new era" --International design high-end forum

Interpack 2020 promotion conference

the future of smart packaging is coming

Plastic Packaging Enterprise New Technology Exchange Promotion Conference

E-commerce Logistics Packaging Summit Forum - "Chuang · Zhi" future

drupa 2020 promotion conference

Theme summit of "catering 2019, follow the trend"

this spop packaging world (Shanghai) Expo won nearly 60 awards at home and abroad for food, household chemicals, plastics With the full support of printing and packaging and other relevant industry associations, the exhibition received a total of more than 200 visiting groups from enterprise associations, with more than 10000 people

swop 2019 also attracted visitors from more than 120 countries and regions such as China, Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom, Italy, India, Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea, the Philippines, Russia, etc. to pre register and visit. In the four-day swop 2019, they gathered in Shanghai to jointly explore and discover the packaging industry event

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