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[speed and passion] - the latest lightweight robot racer3 of KOMA

racer3 robot is an electro-hydraulic servo controller whose core is the micro-computer controlled electro-hydraulic servo fatigue experimental control technology. With more than 40 years of innovation and experience, this powerful and fast 6-axis joint robot has a payload of 3kg and a working radius of only 630mm. Racer3 is the latest light KOMA robot made of high-strength aluminum, which can be installed on workbench, wall, ceiling or inclined plane at will. At the same time, racer3 runs very fast and has become the fastest robot in the same level of products

in the highly acclaimed Racer Series, the third robot racer3 is a product of KOMA in response to the growing market demand for fast and cost-effective automated robot equipment from small and medium-sized enterprises and emerging market countries

racer3 combines field proven technology and high sensitivity with a focus on safety, design and product aesthetics. Racer3 is specially designed for general industrial uses such as food and beverage, electronics, plastics, metal processing and so on. It is characterized by its compact design, aluminum structure, high stability and user-friendly control interface. Racer3 can be applied to efficient operation and assembly solutions in any environment, which essentially enables small and medium-sized enterprises to improve productivity and reduce total costs through high accuracy, high precision and high intelligence automation applications

the new robot has a streamlined appearance and a metal brushed shell, which integrates beauty, high speed, high precision and high repeatability. The main applications include assembly, material handling, machine tool care, gluing and picking up

why choose racer3

generally, industrial robots with a payload of more than 30 to 100kg are not only too large but also too expensive when used in general industry applications. The working radius of this kind of robot is usually about 2 meters, which has a large payload and a complex control unit. Although the compact robot is easy to install and use, its lower mold is large, lacking stability and accuracy, or it is too cumbersome to be installed on the table or difficult to move. By drawing on its long-term experience in the automotive industry, especially its uncompromising accuracy and reliability, KOMA has designed a light, compact and economical robot. Like the long-standing KOMA industrial robot, this robot is characterized by its speed, accuracy and high repeatability

the design of the new racer3 robot enables small and medium-sized enterprises around the world to implement cost-effective automation while reducing total operating costs. This is crucial for emerging market countries that rely on low-cost manufacturing as a pillar of economic growth and development

superior performance

racer3 is a born jujitsu actor who can bend like a snake until it is set in the shape of scissors and crosses the flange of the first axis; It can also close into a Book shape, move the wrist to the body, and rotate 1 at the maximum speed. Whether the software can normally open and rotate the first axis to avoid collision with objects in the surrounding space

racer3 robot is compact and symmetrical, which can balance its fluency and mobility, so as to give full play to its performance; The length ratio of the robot arm to the forearm is almost 1:1, which can improve the sense of line and forward inclination

racer3 combines aesthetic innovation with high-performance design. Under 1kg load, the pick-up and release beat of racer3 is less than 0.36 seconds, and its solid and stable base ensures its high accuracy and high repeatability

racer3 weighs less than 30kg and can be used in a variety of installation postures, such as ground, ceiling, wall and slope of 0 ~ 90, which means that racer3 can be transported and installed almost at will. The new aluminum drawing appearance design makes it different from the reliable red KOMA robot that has been perfectly used in the automotive industry for nearly 40 years

design features

the following are the three driving goals of the design:

the new racer3 robot has immediately become the new image of KOMA Racer robot

its size is half that of other Racer models without sacrificing speed and stability

it achieves the best match between beauty and performance, and pays great attention to detail design

racer3 has no installation restrictions, and has a wide working range and high flexibility. Uncompromising accuracy and repeatability have been ensured by ingenious surface modeling and changeable and reliable arms. At the same time, it is regarded as the top priority dual goal together with a wide range of workspace

the special design of the manipulator, combined with the 50mm standard gauge on axis 2 and axis short circuit state 3, significantly improves the workspace. At the same time, the rounded lines and hollow structure of racer3 robot optimize the layout of internal cables

racer3 robot is the fusion of comer's aesthetic innovation and high-performance design. As the first new generation general industrial robot, it is a specific research and development example to help KOMA robot become the industry leader. Continuous innovation investment in new technology development and emerging market sector has pushed KOMA forward

technical specifications

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Video: corma's latest light industrial robot racer3

racer3 has made its debut in the 2015ciros exhibition, and will meet you again in the 12th AMTS exhibition this year (August), welcome to corma booth E2 J01 j08

about KOMA

KOMA is a leading enterprise in the world that manufactures efficient and low-cost automatic flexible systems, integrated products, processes and services. Its company is headquartered in Turin, Italy. It has an international network covering 17 countries and employs more than 13500 employees. Using the latest technology and processes, KOMA delivers a complete set of advanced systems that exceed its customers' expectations. KOMA specializes in car body connection and assembly, powertrain machining and assembly, robotics and maintenance, as well as providing advanced production systems and environmental services for a wide range of industries. The continuous development of KOMA's products and services has ushered in the golden period of KOMA's growth and rapid growth in China's plastic machinery industry. It is in a leading position in the automation industry, and meets the different requirements of various customers in all stages from design, implementation and installation to production startup and maintenance services

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