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Beijing xiong'an Expressway carries out driverless machinery Cluster Construction recently, driverless construction machinery cluster is used to cut off power supply for the first time in the case of loose sections of Beijing xiong'an expressway. An intelligent equipment cluster composed of three pavers and six rollers completes the paving and compaction of Expressway stabilized soil in a driverless state

this set of driverless road construction equipment is equipped with the Beidou Positioning System. It collects the surrounding environment information through the sensor equipment installed on the vehicle, and plans the optimal operation path according to the environmental parameters. It can realize safety protection such as automatic early warning, emergency stop and automatic obstacle avoidance. The accuracy of the machine construction trajectory can control that the surface damage caused by rough polishing is less than cm, which is 50% higher than manual operation

according to the plan, the main part of Beijing xiong'an expressway is expected to be completed by the end of this year. 202 the heads of state of the two countries also met together to open the whole line in June. After opening to traffic, Beijing will be accessible to xiong'an new area for one hour

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