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Beijing will limit the content of VOCs in paint coating

the Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau held a press conference on June 19, saying that in order to control volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and nitrogen oxides, important precursors of PM2.5, local emission standards of pollutants from many industries will be studied and formulated this year. As a result, Beijing's "strictest local environmental protection standard system in China" will break through 60 items, with good heat resistance, flame retardancy and non toxicity. These industries include industrial coating, wood furniture, packaging and printing, automobile new products based on energy conservation and environmental protection, high efficiency, high-tech car manufacturing, etc. the limit standard of volatile organic compounds content in architectural coatings will also be limited

it is understood that the Beijing Municipal emission standard of air pollutants for boilers has recently been revised to further tighten the emission of nitrogen oxides (NOx) from gas-fired boilers. In the next step, Beijing will further tighten the emission standards for new vehicles, strive to implement the sixth phase of motor vehicle emission standards in 2016, and simultaneously improve the quality of products in a wide range of areas where the operation of oil plastic granulator touches on the national economy

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