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On June 27, the trial operation of the Beijing Shanghai high speed railway was opened to the media, and dozens of Chinese and foreign media boarded the train. The Beijing Shanghai high speed railway will be officially opened to traffic on June 30. In the initial stage, it is planned to operate 90 pairs of multiple unit trains every day, and implement the mixed running mode of 300 km/h and 250 km/h. The shortest time from Beijing to Shanghai is 4 hours and 48 minutes. 300 kilometers per hour

national support

at the high level Forum on China's transportation development and green coatings held in Shanghai last week, nearly 100 representatives of the domestic coating industry chain reached a consensus on how China's coating industry's scientific and technological innovation could seize the strategic opportunity of the "12th Five Year Plan": China's automotive, high-speed rail and other transportation coatings have attractive business opportunities, which can be regarded as a new growth point for the start of the "12th Five Year Plan", and the coating industry can develop and promote environmentally friendly and functional products, Drive China from a big paint country to a powerful paint country

application of coating in high-speed railway

the completed Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway has a total length of 1318 km and will be paved with seamless tracks and ballastless tracks. For railway lines, traction power supply, communication signals and other infrastructure, various environmental protection measures of vibration reduction, noise reduction, low energy consumption and less electromagnetic interference shall be taken. 80.5% of the sections of the Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway where the upper and lower jaws are not concentric are bridges. It is estimated that the total amount of waterproof works will reach 2billion yuan. There are 12 packages (jn01~jn12) sprayed with polyurea waterproof paint and other materials for waterproofing of the bridge deck of Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway. The material consumption is more than 20200 tons, including 868 tons of aliphatic polyurethane surface coating; 6707 tons of high-speed railway polyurethane waterproof coating. In addition, the polyurea material protection works in the Beijing Tianjin high speed railway project reached 950000 square meters, and the polyurea consumption exceeded 2000 tons

spraying polyurea waterproof coating dafashenwei

unlike traditional railways, high-speed railways use ballastless track, which requires that the waterproof layer not only has the basic performance of anti-seepage and crack resistance, but also can withstand the impact of high-speed, heavy load, alternating impact and other high-speed trains. These special requirements require the use of high-performance waterproof coatings. As a newly emerging variety of waterproof coatings, polyurea coatings have been gradually popularized in the downstream of ethylene due to the rise in the price of domestic raw materials in recent years. Compared with ordinary coatings, "polyurea" has a longer service life and is non-toxic. It is known as "the greatest discovery in the field of coating technology at the end of the 20th century". Polyurea spraying material is not affected by ambient temperature and humidity during construction. It can be quickly sprayed on any curved surface, inclined plane and vertical plane without sagging. It is convenient for construction and has high efficiency. It can reach the design thickness in one construction. It is a good choice for ballastless track waterproof treatment with many irregular sections. At the same time, spray polyurea has excellent water resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, impact resistance, cracking resistance, UV resistance and high and low temperature resistance, meeting the special requirements of high-speed rail. The application in high-speed railway waterproof engineering has become a stage for polyurea waterproof coating to ensure the accuracy of equipment testing data and prolong the service life of equipment

domestic technical level

at present, China's polyurea technology has reached the international advanced level and has been widely used in construction. The subgrade waterproofing works of Beijing Tianjin high speed railway and Beijing Shanghai high speed railway are all undertaken by domestic polyurea elastomer spraying. As a leading project to stimulate domestic demand, the high-speed rail project is of great significance to stimulate the domestic waterproof coating market demand. Especially after the severe impact of the financial crisis in 2009, under the circumstance that the general demand in the international market is not wasted, the paint market has more eyes on China. The strong domestic demand in the Chinese market is also regarded as a key opportunity for the recovery of the economic crisis by the traditional thermosetting vulcanized foamed rubber (SBR, NBR, Cr, etc.)


people in the coating industry know that in the entire coating market share, industrial coatings, including automotive coatings, marine coatings, highway and railway coatings, account for about 70% of the share, while the remaining 30% are architectural coatings. In fact, the competitiveness of domestic industrial coatings in the international market is more worrying than that of architectural coatings. How to catch up? HC believes that breakthroughs in emerging technologies may lead to a new path. With the rapid development of domestic polyurea waterproof coating in recent years, our local enterprises have more advantages. Because the industrial coating is more important than the product itself. Local enterprises have the advantages of favorable location and people, which can help us in the competition with foreign-funded enterprises. It is hoped that local enterprises can seize the development opportunity and realize step-by-step development in 2011

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