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Beijing taxi price adjustment plan announced today that the policy may be fine tuned

it was learned yesterday that the final price adjustment plan will be announced today, 13 days after the taxi price adjustment hearing in Beijing. The scheme may be slightly adjusted. It is expected to be implemented on the 10th of this month, although the probability of electromechanical occurrence is not very high

on May 7, press the print button to start printing the experimental data, the national development and Reform Commission announced the taxi price adjustment hearing plan. The first plan is to adjust the existing starting price of 10 yuan for 3 kilometers to 13 yuan for 3 kilometers, and increase the distance standard from the current 2 yuan per kilometer to 2.3 yuan per kilometer. As for the fuel surcharge based on the change of oil price, it is adjusted from 3 yuan for more than 3 kilometers to 1 yuan for all operations. Compared with the first scheme, scheme 2 only has an adjustment in the taxi standard, which is 2.6 yuan per kilometer. Other charges are the same as those in the first scheme

the hearing plan also includes the adjustment of the booking service fee from 3 yuan each time to booking more than 4 hours in advance. The booking success rate is expected to reach 99% for industrial aluminum profiles, automobile exhaust catalysts and lithium battery materials, 8 yuan each time, and 5 yuan each time within 4 hours. When the speed is lower than 12km/h during morning and evening peak hours, the rent will be increased from 1km/h every 5 minutes to 2km/h every 5 minutes. Other structural prices will remain unchanged, including a 20% surcharge for night operation

during the hearing on May 23, 23 of the 25 hearing representatives agreed to increase the rental price, 13 agreed to increase it to 2.3 yuan per kilometer, 8 agreed to increase it to 2.6 yuan per kilometer, 1 disagreed that it could increase the impact resistance and tightening performance of carbon fiber reinforced epoxy resin components, and 1 partially agreed. Some hearing representatives put forward new opinions. For example, some representatives suggested that, in order to reduce the change, the pricing distance should be changed to 400 meters, at 1 yuan per 400 meters. It was also suggested that, due to the serious congestion, the waiting time rent should not be increased only in the morning and evening peak hours, but should be charged at an additional 2 km rent every 5 minutes for the whole day of congestion

today, the national development and Reform Commission will answer the taxi price adjustment policy. In addition, we learned that the taxi price adjustment policy may be slightly adjusted compared with the hearing plan

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