60 square meters small house design and decoration

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A small nest of about 60 square meters is the best to create a warm world for two. However, because the space area is small, if you are not sure about the design and selection of furniture, it is easy to make the space become cramped and crowded

simple decoration highlights lines and light to avoid too many uncoordinated colors. Don't build walls, preferably soft partitions. It's easy to disassemble, and it's transparent. It's not suffocating in the house. Don't mix the colors. Try to be white. But there should be a theme wall, which is white, no contrast, no sense of hierarchy, and the material can choose highlight. Generally, there are many mirrors. Want to know how to decorate a perfect small house? Xiaobian will bring you a very good design model of 60 square meters small apartment

1. Living room design

the living room is the core of the whole apartment, with regular room shape and open layout, which is convenient for you and your friends to chat here. Two large windows provide plenty of sunshine and air. The sofa is neatly placed, and the cushion placed on it is laid at will, making people feel casual and relaxed. A large lampshade above the ceiling lights up the whole living room. The robot hanging on the wall can see that there are children at home and the care of parents for their children. One side of the living room is connected to the balcony, and the other side is connected to two bedrooms

2. Bedroom design

the master bedroom looks very tidy. The opposite wall of the room is made of glass. You can see the scenery outside through the room. With this design, you can not only see the scenery outside, but also have good daylighting, and people will no longer feel bored in the room. The small space feels spacious under the action of the mirror. The bed lamps on both sides of the head of the bed shine, and the color of the light makes the whole room warm, making the room full of warmth

3. Bathroom design

first select the furniture style that the owner likes, coordinate the overall space collocation and the layout of the bathroom space, and give priority to the flexibility and functionality of space activities, so that the furniture can be used independently and matched with others, creating multiple functions of furniture. The emergence of shower room is to save the originally small bathroom space. Light color still makes the space open visually, and the facade space is also used more to meet the fragmented storage and tidy space

4. Kitchen design

light colored cabinets to match. Marble countertops are convenient for the owner's daily care, and powerful storage processing helps the kitchen show a clean and tidy appearance

the above is the introduction that Xiaobian brings to you. If you want to know more relevant knowledge, please continue to pay attention to the consultation. Please look forward to more wonderful consultation





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