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Since the popularity of the Internet, it has brought earth shaking changes to both society and people's lives. With the in-depth development of the Internet, more and more industries have begun to get involved in the Internet field to publicize themselves with the help of the Internet platform. The wardrobe industry is just like this. With the help of the Internet, it can realize the compatible development of online and offline, Cross border big home strategic dream of comprehensively promoting the transformation of traditional marketing to a new generation of operation mode. Relying on the Internet to promote the pace of wardrobe enterprises, the whole house customized furniture brand Deville

compared with the mature e-commerce operation mechanism and stable market share of FMCG, wardrobe in e-commerce seems to be a little immature and still in its infancy. This is related to its own product attributes, market positioning and people's consumption habits. As a category of slow-moving consumer goods, wardrobe has a slow market metabolism and a long consumption cycle. Generally, after a customer completes a purchase project, the second repurchase repeat purchase rate is low, and it is likely not to be. This has also become an important factor for the bottleneck and dilemma of sales promotion under the traditional marketing mode. Since the market cannot be changed, the only way out is to find another opportunity

the Internet has become an important driving point for the further development of the wardrobe industry

at present, the homogenization development of the wardrobe industry is serious. Many enterprises that have accumulated some experience in the wardrobe industry have begun to make a strategic shift, focusing on the development of large home furnishings, and then realizing the breakthrough development of enterprises and the expansion of related fields. When the Internet begins to penetrate into the wardrobe industry, when the consumer demand for home decoration is gradually expanding, the development plan of big home supported by the Internet came into being under the catalysis of the situation. When the Internet meets big home, for enterprises, this is an important turning point for enterprises to try more development possibilities on the basis of stabilizing themselves, and it is also a good opportunity for the further development of the wardrobe industry. Of course, we should also have a clear understanding of the overall home decoration of the Internet. When the foundation of our field is unstable and our qualifications and experience are insufficient, we do not advocate following the trend and blindly copying, which is harmful to our own development and extremely risky for both enterprises and industries

online development is conducive to the promotion of wardrobe brand reputation

the development of an industry must be promoted by means of publicity and promotion. With the development of the times, the channels of publicity and promotion are also updating day by day. If publicity can not keep up with the development of the industry, and still stay in the traditional marketing means, the categories in the industry will inevitably be eliminated by the market and gradually disappear and forgotten by the public. The Internet has been in China for more than ten years, and its development is now integrating into the socio-economic development form with a more vigorous trend. The innovation and productivity improvement of the real economy can be greatly optimized by relying on the Internet. The wardrobe industry, which has developed for many years, has its embryonic form. Although its development form is not mature enough, with the continuous increase of external opportunities and challenges, the wardrobe industry has evolved into an industry with full potential and sufficient basic strength to accept new things. The triggering of the Internet is not only a new industrial revolution in the wardrobe industry, but also a new strategic layout on the road of brand promotion. At the same time of the establishment and operation of the new operation mode, the accumulation is the word-of-mouth promotion of the wardrobe brand and the establishment of a reliable and honest brand image. This is a long-term effort for enterprises on the road of Internet exploration and development, and can eventually form a good word-of-mouth cycle

in the era of developed Internet, wardrobe enterprises must not blindly follow the trend of pure online development mode. The actual situation also needs to be applied in combination with their own development channels. Only by combining the development of the characteristics of the times can they create a career belonging to this era, so that they can take the lead in future development

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