Safe installation of gas water heater for home dec

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Recently, I have often seen reports of injuries caused by old-fashioned gas water heaters. Although the country has already imposed a ban on the sale of direct discharge gas-fired water heaters, why are there injuries? In fact, most of the accidents are caused by overdue use or improper installation. In order to stop everyone from being afraid of gas water heaters, I would like to introduce some safety principles for home decoration water heaters based on my experience

1. Although everyone buys forced exhaust water heaters now, don't try to install them without installing the flue, so that the forced exhaust water heaters can't discharge the exhaust gas outdoors. For example, some rented gatehouses often install the water heaters without installing the flue pipe because the landlord doesn't want to damage the wall. Once the doors and windows are closed in winter, the exhaust gas can't be discharged outdoors, It causes danger to indoor personnel. At present, more than 90% of the safety accidents of gas water heaters are caused by insufficient gas combustion

2. Ventilation must be maintained during the use of gas water heaters. Although most of the safety accidents of gas water heaters are old-fashioned water heaters, the injuries are mainly caused by ventilation. Therefore, when using the gas water heater, the room must be well ventilated

3. The normal service life of the gas water heater is eight years, and there is a great hidden danger crisis in the safety of the extended gas water heater. Therefore, if the gas water heater in your home has exceeded the service life, you must replace it as soon as possible to prevent serious accidents such as explosion and gas leakage caused by aging of the machine, endangering the life safety of yourself and your family




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