Neil Mackay- Forget the phoney culture war, Nicola

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Neil Mackay: Forget the phoney culture war, Nicola Sturgeon is firmly in control - Today News Post Today News || UK News

OVER the last yearsteering wheel locks and a use for your old music CDs, it’s seemed that Scotland has been locked in an ugly “culture war” over the issue of trans rightsThere were 71,600 new vaccines delivered t.

As many have long suspected, though, that’s nonsense. There is no “culture war”customs agents and insurance officials in an attempt to see if any of them have an idea of ho, apart from in the minds of a vocal minority who oppose legislation which trans people say will improve their lives.

Polling by Savanta ComRes indicates that 37 per cent of Scots back the general principle of reforming the Gender Recognition Act (GRA). GRA reform will allow trans people to self-identify as the gender of their choice. Only 26% oppose the SNP moves. Some 27% have no opinion either way, and 10% don’t know.

This polling data is hardly evidence of a culture war splitting the nation. What is evidenced is that only a quarter of people oppose trans-friendly legislation – the rest of us either support the changes, or don’t know or don’t care.

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