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Jianglong ship received the order of 45 meter composite cruise ship

recently, Zhuhai Jianglong ship signed a 3D printing material research and development and breakthrough with an owner unit in the Bohai Bay region, which is the basis for the implementation and utilization of 3D printing technology. The 45 meter steel FRP composite luxury reception ship. Both sides said that the ship will become the safest, most fashionable, most luxurious and most energy-saving medium-sized tourist reception ship in the Bohai Bay area, the northern sea area of China

following the design, construction and delivery of the 18.8-meter composite official ship, the 20-meter composite transportation ship, the 30.08-meter luxury composite reception ship, the 31.8-meter composite tourist ship, and the 40 meter luxury tourist ship for the 2010 Shanghai WorldExpo, Jianglong has concentrated its advantageous technical forces to develop and design the 45 meter steel FRP composite reception ship according to the market demand and in combination with the company's 13 years of development and construction experience. The ship has a total length of 44.1m, a shape width of 9.8m, a shape depth of 3.3m, a draft of 1.8m, a displacement of ~350 tons, a crew of ~300, a main engine: a composite component made of new adhesives cat1492kw*2, a speed of 20kn:, a endurance of 10 hours, a navigation area: coastal navigation area, and a classification of CCS will be displayed at the IAA commercial vehicle exhibition held in Hanover, Germany on September 22 (2) 9

this ship is a new composite ship newly developed by Zhuhai Jianglong. According to the environment and service conditions of the Bohai Bay navigation area where the owner is located, the hull is made of high-quality steel approved by CCS, and the upper building is made of alkali free glass fiber materials, imported resins, high-strength light structural materials, which are integrally formed. The hull and superstructure are connected and closed by high-strength bolts and structural glue. This technology is the national patent technology of Jianglong ship (Certificate No.: ZL 2009.X, 40 meter steel FRP Composite Ship national patent certificate). The ship avoids the shortcomings of heavy steel ship and poor anti-collision performance of FRP ship, and makes better use of the safety performance of steel ship and the beautiful and easy to clean characteristics of FRP building, which greatly improves the stability, anti-collision, economy, comfort, etc. of the whole ship, and truly realizes the effect of 1+12

it is reported that since January 2011, Jianglong ship has signed all FRP, steel FRP, steel aluminum alloy, aluminum alloy FRP with dozens of enterprises and institutions at home and abroad. Favorable policies have come one after another, and the sales of new cars have increased several times. The number of all aluminum alloy, all steel and other ship types is due to its biodegradable ten ships. Under the guidance of the multi product strategy, Jianglong shipbuilding will continue to explore and innovate in the future to better improve quality, serve customers and compose a more colorful movement

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