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Rittal's new TS 8 shines in South China

editor's note: from 1961 to today, from Germany to China, Rittal - the world's leading box and box technology supplier. Vitol is committed to advocating the concept of standardization and has become a pioneer in the industry. The "standardization" concept advocated by Rittal aims to shorten the delivery time, improve efficiency and reduce product costs. At the same time, a unified communication platform within and between industries has been established. The ultimate beneficiaries of the implementation of standardization are consumers and the nature on which we human beings depend. With the premise of guiding the consumption of industrial users and the purpose of maximizing the interests of users, Rittal will serve the whole industrial industry with "standardization"

On March 4, 2008, the 12th China (Guangzhou) international industrial control automation and Instrumentation Exhibition 2008 opened in Pazhou Pavilion of China Export Commodities Fair. With the slogan of "leading the trend of standardized solutions", Rittal advocates the concept of "standardization" in the automation industry, aiming to bring more benefits to the majority of industry users. Vitol took part in the exhibition with its innovative product TS 8 system, cabinet air conditioning system RTT including nanotechnology, explosion-proof box and outdoor cabinet. With specific standardized innovative products, the concept of standardization advocated by it is interpreted incisively and vividly

Vitol, which takes innovation as its development concept, held the unveiling of TS 8 innovations in Shangri La, Guangzhou on March 5. This is a unique on-site demonstration activity. Rittal staff demonstrated the installation of PS punching cabinet on TS cabinet, cabinet door installation, TS punching rail installation, lock cylinder replacement and other items on site. Major customers, new customers and on-site guests participating in the activity had a deeper understanding of Rittal's standardized product modification

on the site of the promotion meeting

the unique 16 fold profile of TS 8 frame, with its surface treated by degreasing and phosphating, convenient installation, humanized design and other characteristics, was carefully interpreted in this on-site activity. Industry customers also expressed strong interest in the innovative products of Rittal. This further proves that the international Vitol company has been using its own actions to express its concept of constantly serving customers with innovative solutions and continuously improving its innovation ability to industry customers

guests on site experience ts8 installation

revolutionary Rittal TS 8 - top box system

the secret of the success of TS cabinet lies in: using fewer parts, realizing more possibilities, supporting up, down, left, right and all-round cabinet consolidation, and having a variety of installation options in different directions. All these require less materials than before to achieve higher stability

simple design with infinite possibilities

revolutionary 16 fold profile

high compatibility - compatible with all PS4000 accessories

standardization - all new products, accessory systems and solutions of Rittal are developed based on TS 8 platform

genius Double-layer framework structure - which can realize space expansion of up to 15%, New air conditioning components can be wired or installed between the inner and outer frames

door panels can be installed on all sides

the revolutionary design concept provides great versatility: each vertical plane of the TS cabinet can be installed with hinges, the back plate can be easily changed into a door panel, and both side plates can be installed with hinges

full cabinet consolidation up, down, left and right

thanks to the redesign of the cabinet size, TS has more usable space. There are no multiple manufacturers calling to inquire about relevant equipment. There is infinite possibility of cabinet consolidation around the corner, in front of, behind, on the left, on the right, and even above the cabinet

high compatibility with PS4000

combines the advantages of PS4000 - excellent panel system. TS 8 is an innovative top-level solution. Basically, all PS system accessories can be directly installed on the panel or frame

high stability box system

compared with PS4000, the frame weight of TS 8 is reduced by 15%, and the stability is improved by 30%. It can bear the weight of more than 1000 kg; The corners are fully welded and very firm

versatility through symmetry

ts 8 has up to 1000 standardized components in various sizes. The versatility generated by symmetrical design is the key to the success of each application scheme, helping customers create greater value


for any modern cabinet, the mechanical protection of its internal installed parts is a key safety task. In this regard, TS 8 has created a new trend, excellent safety and simple operation - these are achieved through the new door lock system, and you can also combine it with the comfortable handle


ps panel system first achieved a breakthrough in assembly speed, and TS 8 further consolidated this advantage: for example, it can greatly save the installation time of the base, connecting parts and partitions, so as to save costs

various certifications

patent certificate

German patent number

Chinese design model number ZL

innovative ri4power top-level distribution cabinet system

▲ ri4power meets four specifications system

Rittal ri4power forms a complete system solution for the safe and rapid installation of low-voltage switchgear for machines, equipment and buildings. Rittal ri4pow also runs the real-time multitasking operating system Er developed by our company. This is a new concept that covers high current distribution equipment, low-voltage distribution equipment and distribution equipment. This concept meets all the requirements of the globally effective regulations (IEC)

▲ versatility of the best form

ri4power internal segmentation forms 2 to 4 - - this is the best form of Rittal products. It is compatible with the switchgear of all famous deep-seated manufacturers. A general personalized scheme. Vitol's new product is an internal division method of ts8, a top-level cabinet series for power distribution. This is an innovative concept that sounds simple but can bring many new ideas in installation and application. This internal partition design makes the functions and changes of switchgear absolutely safe and reliable. Whether it is development, assembly or operation, simple installation with new and innovative components can improve your value creation. Ri4power internal segmentation forms 2 to 4 are perfect solutions for industrial equipment, building technology, and many infrastructures

▲ thoughtful modular technology

the formation of this solution is so simple and accurate, which is also his special attraction. Ri4power internal segmentation forms 2 to 4, which is a scheme that can be used for personalization. This system has two key characteristics: diverse combination and compatibility. These two concepts combine all the important advantages. The diverse combination performance makes ri4power internal segmentation forms 2 to 4 the best solution in your application field to the violent collision between Chinese and Western civilizations

the compatibility between components ensures special economy. In the process of operation and treatment, it is also rich in gb/t 9439 (2) 010 gray iron castings, which are innovative, simple and convenient: only one person can install it, and only one set of tools can complete most of the installation steps. If you want to provide the best results for equipment manufacturers and operators, Rittal's ri4power internal segmentation forms 2 to 4 can provide you with key solutions

▲ the details are also perfect

time saving system installation, orderly internal expansion, innovative modular components, and comprehensive accessories. Rittal ri4power internal division forms 2 to 4 are a modular system for the installation of the internally divided low-voltage distribution control cabinet system, which can optimize the installation time. Through the new way of installation technology and multi-functional installation components, only a few manual operations can complete the internal division of a low-voltage equipment. As a system product platform, the top cabinet series TS 8 provides ideal preconditions for ri4power internal division forms 2 to 4 through its infinite possibilities, and even special requirements can be easily met


Rittal GmbH Co. kg from Hessen, Germany has developed into an international company since its establishment in 1961. Today, Rittal has more than 10.000 standard products that can be supplied immediately. It has become the world's leading system supplier of box technology and control cabinet technology. It is also a popular partner in the field of industrial and mechanical equipment manufacturing, as well as an innovator in market fields such as it and telecommunications. Rittal insists on facing the future and provides a wide range of solutions, after-sales service and consulting services

rittal's product system includes control cabinet system, electronic component installation box, cabinet air-conditioning series, power distribution components, it solutions and communication systems

rittal supplies products worldwide through its 19 high-tech production plants, 60 subsidiaries, 150 sales and logistics centers and 70 agencies. In Rittal, Germany, there are 22 sales and service centers to provide comprehensive services for users. Rittal has 8900 employees worldwide and is the largest enterprise in the friedhelm LOH group. LOH group has more than 10.600 employees worldwide

Rittal China memorabilia

Rittal entered China in the mid-1990s

in August 1996, Rittal established an office in Shanghai

in April 1997, Rittal established a trading company in Waigaoqiao, Shanghai

in November 2000, Rittal established a cabinet manufacturing plant in Baoshan, Shanghai

in February 2002, Rittal purchased 110000 square meters of land in Songjiang, Shanghai, Build the largest production base in vito Asia

in March 2004, the first phase of Vito Songjiang plant (23000 square meters) was officially completed and put into use, establishing the status of Vito (China)

Asia Pacific Center

in May 2006, the foundation was laid for Vito China's second phase expansion project

the new plant was expanded by 4000 square meters

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