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Rising costs, transformation of textile enterprises, survival of high-tech enterprises

transformation is a topic that textile and garment export enterprises have been discussing for many years. In fact, the transformation of traditional industries is not easy, especially for textile and garment enterprises with low industry threshold. A few sewing machines and a simple workshop can be engaged in production, and China's textile and clothing have always won the market with low prices abroad

if there was no big problem for export enterprises to survive in this way in the past six or seven years, then with the rise of labor costs, this advantage has disappeared. The boss of an export enterprise once said that in 2008, the monthly cost of the enterprise on each worker was 1500 yuan, and by 2012, this figure had doubled

before 2008 or even earlier, some enterprises had sensed the crisis and began to embark on the road of transformation. Through technological transformation, they turned traditional enterprises into high-tech enterprises, and these high-tech enterprises that can be based in the textile and clothing industry began to shine brightly

a few sewing machines, a simple workshop, and a small textile and clothing enterprise can be engaged in production. In the past, traditional industries were engaged in the lowest end garment processing. At present, some small enterprises, which are wholly-owned subsidiaries of Wanhua Chemical Group Co., Ltd., continue this production mode. If this traditional enterprise and high-tech enterprises are put together, no one will think of the relationship between the two, but some large export enterprises in Qingdao have integrated the two, which really sounds a little incredible

in recent years, a number of large textile and clothing export enterprises in Qingdao have begun to transform in succession. After several years of transformation, most of them have embarked on a unique development path. Among them, such enterprises have turned traditional enterprises into high-tech enterprises, and these high-tech enterprises that can establish a foothold in the textile and clothing industry are not simple

transformation of high-tech enterprises

transformation has been a topic that textile and clothing export enterprises have been discussing for many years. In the past, enterprises have been complaining about the continuous fluctuation of the RMB exchange rate, the high labor costs, and the unprofitable situation faced by enterprises. However, complaints are due to complaints. Some enterprises take action as soon as possible, invest in the transformation of equipment, introduce technology, and constantly find a way out according to their own characteristics

in recent years, red collar group has begun to seek its own development model and vector customized business transformation. Li Jinzhu, vice president of red collar group, said that in the past, red collar has been constantly exploring this road. In this exploration, the enterprise has also developed better and better. After years of accumulation, now red collar has the strength to launch an impact on the world's first enterprise in the field of customized products. "Now customers anywhere in the world, as long as they log in to the red collar order system, it only takes seven days, and a tailored dress will be delivered to customers. In Italy, which has the best customized clothes in the world, it takes two months to deliver." Li Jinzhu said

Qingdao XueDa Group Co., Ltd. has also chosen a path of diversified development since many years ago. By mixing a variety of fiber combinations into clothing, it makes clothing functional. According to Wang Xianqi, chief engineer of XueDa group, taking summer clothes as an example, the clothes produced by the enterprise can have antibacterial, deodorizing, rapid perspiration and other functions, r-radius 60; D - thickness (see 6.1); B the clamping force of the sample will change with wear - the width of the parallel part is 10 ± 0.5; The end width of B11 is 20 ± 0.5 energy, which is achieved through the combination of a variety of fibers. At present, enterprises can develop more than 30 new fibers every month to meet the needs of Jinan gold testing steel hammer tensile testing machine users in different markets and customers

although the development path of XueDa is different from that of red collar, the business awareness of entrepreneurs is surprisingly similar. Although the market situation preference many years ago, enterprises were alert to danger at home. At that time, they were already looking for a unique development mode of enterprises, which is also known as technological transformation. Unconsciously, this technological transformation has turned the traditional textile and clothing export enterprises into high-tech enterprises, forming their own unique core competitiveness

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