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Riso launched full-color inkjet printing machine "new flash color printing King Series"

Tokyo -- (U.S. business information) -- Riso Kagaku Corporation (tokyo:6413) (President and CEO Yu Shanming) and Riso Technology China Co., Ltd announced the launch of the new flash color printing king series high-speed full-color inkjet printing machine, which will be put on the market in June 2013

the new flash color printing king series has the characteristics of fast speed and low operation cost in the field of batch printing. High printing capacity, economy and scalability also greatly expand the application range of flash color printing king

in addition, in order to meet the various needs of the office for internal printing, the new flash color printing king series integrates optional new technologies such as glue binding function and automatic mail printing and packaging function into the linkage process. The new flash color printing king can meet the requirements of large print volume, booklet printing and variable data printing for commercial documents and direct mail, and help Riso expand its high print capacity color printing market

before its launch in June 2013, the new flash color printing king series will appear at the 8th Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition (Booth No.: e) held in the new hall of Beijing China International Exhibition Center from May 14 (Tuesday) to May 18 (Saturday)

for more information about this product series, please visit the flash color printing King special station UTM_ medium=news%2Brelease utm_ term=comcolor utm_ content=China utm_ campaign=news%2Brelease。

for regional sales information, please refer to the website of ideal (China) Science Industry Co., Ltd

features of the new flash color printing king series

1) high speed printing, high print capacity

flash color printing king 9150 and flash color printing King 911 screen the stone chips in the sample. The high-end model has a fast output speed, and can complete 150 pages of single-sided printing per minute. It is the world's fastest single-sided printing machine *. With its extremely high data processing speed, this series of products can quickly complete the task of variable data printing

* the object of the experiment is sometimes a high-value ordnance product source: the data of ideal Science Industry Co., Ltd

2) extremely low printing cost

the black-and-white and color printing cost of the new flash color printing king series is extremely low, which is almost lower than that of any other similar products

3) the newly adopted ink technology

uses fast drying ink, which makes the ink on the paper surface more stable and realizes first-class double-sided printing quality

4) according to the "medium and long term railway plan" of the State Council, it is applicable to various types of paper

the new flash color printing king series has extremely high paper feeding stability, ensuring the smooth printing of different types of paper, from thin paper, thick paper to envelopes. Because it supports thin paper printing, this series of products can help reduce paper storage space and direct mail delivery costs

5) small size finisher with binding function (option)

compact option face down offset stapler, which meets the requirement of printing 150 sheets per minute *. The paper tray supports staggered stacking * and can bind up to 50 sheets of paper *

* new flash color printing king 9150. The number of paper is subject to the default configuration, which may vary depending on the printing paper used

6) two multi-function post press terminals (optional)

two multi-function terminals can meet various post press needs. New flash color printing king the report said that the series provides advanced post press peripherals: integrated linkage books and periodicals gluing equipment, flash color printing King connection gluing system (perfect binder); And the wrapping envelope finisher with printing, folding, inserting and sealing functions

7) high capacity paper feed and output tray (optional)

the new series of products are equipped with high capacity paper feeder and high capacity paper stacker, allowing uninterrupted batch printing

8) higher environmental protection

compared with other printers with similar output speed, the typical power consumption (TEC) of this series of products is 8 kW per hour, with low energy consumption and less impact on the environment. The timer function also helps save energy

about ideal Science Industry Co., Ltd.: Riso Kagaku Corporation (hereinafter referred to as Riso) is the world's leading manufacturer and distributor of high-speed inkjet printers and digital copiers. The company strives to create unique products with higher productivity, lower cost and wider use in the field of information dissemination based on paper media. Each product produced by the company perfectly integrates the above characteristics to bring the most ideal solution to customers. The company's products are sold to more than 180 countries and regions around the world, and are widely used in enterprises, schools, governments, public institutions and many other fields

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