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Risi Asia's annual CEO award will be presented to Wu Mingwu, President of Shanying

risi recently officially announced that Mr. Wu Mingwu, President of Shanying International Holdings Co., Ltd., won the risi Asia's annual CEO award, and the award ceremony will be held during the 19th risi Asia Summit

ryerazunis and his research team then used their "5D printing" method and the same ca. at present, many medical devices are still made of metal. The ISI Asia CEO of the year award is nominated by many investment analysts, industry consultants and commentators from the pulp and paper industry in Asia and the world. This year, the award will be awarded to Mr. Wu Mingwu in recognition of his pioneering power and strategic decision-making power in leading enterprises to actively forge ahead on the road of scale, internationalization and diversification

on the PPI global top 100 pulp and paper enterprises list selected by risi in 2017, Shanying international ranked among the top 50 for the first time. In the same year, it was also listed in the Fortune 500 Chinese enterprises and the top 10 Chinese papermaking enterprises

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