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Rising international oil prices, Chinese paint enterprises are less affected

rising international oil prices, Chinese paint enterprises are less affected

June 1, 2009

[China paint information] last week, the international oil price rose continuously: on Monday, the oil price in New York rose by 4.8%, and at the close of the New York Mercantile Exchange, light crude oil futures in June were $59.03 a barrel; Oil prices continued to rise in New York on Tuesday. At the close, light crude oil futures for June on the New York Mercantile Exchange were $59.65 a barrel, up $0.62 from the previous trading day; Oil prices continued to rise in New York on Wednesday, breaking $62

according to media reports, the wholesale price of refined oil in most parts of China has been pushed up to the highest point permitted by the national policy, and some regions have even exceeded the highest point. The national development and Reform Commission recently announced a new pricing mechanism for refined oil products. The introduction of this method is obviously revealing a message that the expectation of rising oil prices is strengthening and getting stronger

for such expectations, is it self processing or outsourcing that is highly dependent on oil? A: what is the reaction of the coating industry with high intermediary agencies? Industry insiders said: "the rise in oil prices has little impact on most coating enterprises."

a paint dealer explained that the paint industry generally experienced big exams in 2008. The financial crisis brought a major blow to the purchase of one machine on the spot, which put pressure on most enterprises in the coating industry to survive: product sales failed, and it was difficult to recover funds. In order to protect the business continuity of enterprises, many enterprises do not encourage enterprises to participate in the drafting of national and industrial standards, so they do not choose to reduce production

the dealer said that the situation in 2009 was better than that in 2008. Under the pressure of international competition, export enterprises began to transfer to the domestic market, which made it more difficult for paint enterprises that are mainly engaged in the domestic market to continue. Therefore, production reduction is still the main universal machine adopted by enterprises at present. Can we do impact tests? Business strategy

the purchase of raw materials and the withdrawal of finished products are reduced, so it seems that the rise in oil prices has little impact on enterprises

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