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Jianglu electromechanical: respect life, attach importance to safety, improve the quality of tower crane

Jianglu electromechanical: respect life, attach importance to 3 safety, improve the quality of tower crane

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Guide: with the rapid development of China's economy, the pace of urbanization construction has accelerated. In the basic construction of urbanization, the wide application of tower cranes has also brought rapid innovation to the construction method, However, the safety accidents caused by the use of the tower crane are on the rise year by year. The reasons for the accidents are various. At present, there are more than 1700 records including more than 100 cured and non cured laminate precursors, and tower crane production

with the rapid development of China's economy and the accelerated pace of urbanization, the wide application of tower cranes has also brought rapid innovation to the construction method in the urbanization infrastructure construction. However, the safety accidents caused by the use of tower cranes are on the rise year by year. The reasons for the accidents are various, including the quality problems of tower cranes and the poor management of the construction site. On the evening of December 31, 2012, the maintenance shed of Pudong Jinqiao parking lot of Shanghai Metro Line 12 collapsed, causing 5 deaths and 18 injuries. Although there is no official investigation at present, witnesses on the scene said that the most direct cause of the accident may be the collapse of the tower crane, which crushed the scaffold. The occurrence of the tragedy is incompatible with the happy atmosphere at the end of the year and the beginning of the year, and has once again provoked people's long-term concern about the safety and quality of tower cranes

respect life, pay attention to safety and improve the quality of tower cranes

at present, there are hundreds of domestic enterprises producing tower cranes, and there are about 200000 tower cranes in the market. The quality of tower cranes and the on-site management level of construction units are uneven. Only some large tower crane manufacturers have relatively perfect product lines. With the large construction units becoming more and more mature in construction level and management concept, The concept of chasing low-cost products and blindly purchasing large-scale high-performance products is gradually abandoned, and more attention is paid to the high reliability of products. How to make the existing mature products more safe and stable has become the top priority of manufacturers

Jianglu Electromechanical group (the former state-run Jianglu Machinery Factory) has developed and manufactured tower cranes since the 1980s. It has successively developed three series of tower cranes: tower head tower cranes, boom tower cranes and flat head tower cranes. It has strong independent innovation ability, has more than 10 tower crane patents and technologies, and has mastered a number of core technologies and mature process technologies with independent intellectual property rights. The lifting torque of its tower crane products covers 20 tons Meters to 720 tons Meters, the arm length covers 25 meters to 80 meters, and the lifting capacity covers 3 tons to 50 tons. There are more than 30 tower crane models, with a complete tower crane type spectrum, which can meet various construction requirements of users at home and abroad

Jianglu tower crane products are the first to implement CE certification in the domestic construction machinery industry in accordance with EU standards, and have obtained Russian gost certification and Korean safety certification. In the process of product design and manufacturing, military quality control standards and technical requirements are adopted for key parts and key processes to ensure the stability of product quality. The products are designed and manufactured in strict accordance with national and industrial standards and with reference to corresponding international standards, and the standards are updated and implemented in a timely manner. The main components of the tower crane are centrally manufactured in the plant, with controllable manufacturing process, high product reliability, safe and durable structural parts, good maintainability of the tower crane and low maintenance cost. Raw materials for steel structure of tower crane products are from well-known domestic manufacturers "For example, the raw materials of WISCO, Baosteel and Tangshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. are sampled and tested to ensure the quality of materials. The main purchased parts of the tower crane are domestic famous brands, and the electrical components are domestic and foreign famous brands. For example, the motor is Changhang motor, and the electrical components are Schneider and other products, which are of reliable quality; the main structural parts are machined on large-scale equipment to ensure the assembly requirements and quality. The transmission efficiency of the tower crane mechanism is high and the noise is high The sound is low, and hard tooth surface transmission is mostly used, with good reliability. Before leaving the factory, the linkage test is carried out on the three mechanisms and electric control system of the tower crane to ensure the reliable quality of the mechanism and electric control system. The tower crane adopts a building block structure, which makes the installation, disassembly and jacking of the tower crane more convenient and fast; All main stressed parts are connected by special heat-treated pin shafts or high-strength bolts, which can ensure that the tower crane can bear alternating loads for a long time. The tower crane has strong wind resistance. It can resist force 8 wind in working state, force 10 wind in non working state, and force 13 wind in special design

Jianglu tower crane has always had a high market share and good brand image. The company provides users with the first guidance, installation and commissioning and on-site training of the purchased equipment for free, provides users' operation and maintenance personnel with on-site or factory professional technical training for free, provides technical consultation for free, and supplies product accessories for life. It can provide users with a full range of pre-sales, in-sales, and after-sales technical services in time to meet the following points when selecting a single arm tensile testing machine: all-round needs of users. With the high reliable quality of products and perfect after-sales service system, Jianglu Electromechanical group has won the only national quality gold award in the construction machinery industry, the National Quality Management Award for many times, the national user satisfaction unit, the famous and high-quality product production enterprise, the user satisfaction advanced enterprise and other awards

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