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Rising disclosed the underground industrial chain of selling personal privacy information

Xinhua Beijing January 1 can adjust the stretching space according to the sample specification and length. 7 (Gu Honghong) the "rising 2012 China information security comprehensive report" recently released analyzes in detail the 2012 China information security market about viruses, malicious websites, phishing, personal privacy information security The current situation of mobile information security and enterprise information security, as well as the tracking and analysis of illegal organizations such as hackers and information trafficking gangs, revealed the underground industrial chain selling citizens' personal privacy information for the first time

the report shows that from January to December 2012, Ruixing "cloud security" system intercepted 11.81 million new virus samples, 5.16 million guama stations and 5.97 million fishing stations, an increase of 28.1%, 48.7% and 24.38% respectively over 2011. Copper

reported that judging from the Internet fraud in 2012, phishing is gradually getting rid of traditional means of communication and attack, no longer relying on advertising and text chains, and tends to be a microblogging platform with lower cost and more significant effects. Phishing attacks no longer rely on pages. Huge phishing attacks with low prices as bait, stations as platforms, and offline payments as trading means have begun to prevail on the Internet. In terms of viruses, 6842 virus samples were intercepted during the reporting period. Among them, family viruses such as "Kung Fu series" and "give you rice series" are very rampant

according to the report, from the overall situation in 2012, hackers and network fraudsters are not only stealing people's money, but also frantically stealing personal identity information. Personal privacy has become a "hot commodity" on the network. The report also disclosed the underground industrial chain of selling privacy information: first, hackers and corporate insiders take a large number of personal privacy such as user information and sell it to intermediaries; Then it is sold by middlemen to black intermediaries, black advertising, fraud gangs and other illegal branches. In particular, the demand for microfiber P [Zhongsu news] u leather will grow; After obtaining personal privacy, the above four categories of personnel carry out illegal activities by means of garbage, spam messages, spam, targeted fraud and extortion; On this basis, we can form more accurate personal privacy information with small billet inventory in the factory, and then sell it back to middlemen, thus forming a new cycle

Tang Jun, an information security expert, pointed out that "a set of private information can be sold repeatedly, so this kind of business is extremely profitable and attractive"

it is reported that spam messages and harassment are not the most serious consequences of personal privacy information disclosure. "Targeted fraud, fake application cards or credit cards, and even counterfeiting fake cars with the information of legitimate car owners will seriously affect the normal life of those who divulge personal information and cause them to suffer incalculable losses." Tang Jun said

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