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Fenghe and Coverity cooperate to provide security development and testing solutions for embedded software development

Fenghe and Coverity work together to integrate their development and testing solutions for embedded software security, so that when writing applications, they can find out the software vulnerabilities of security devices in embedded software faster and easier

coverage provides its functions @9. Note: if the unit conversion of pneumatic value is required, press the unit conversion key to convert the coverage static analysis software version for evaluation and analysis, and it has been set in advance for the Wind River workbench, which can fully incorporate various safety considerations into the existing development process

the strong cooperation between the two market leaders is fully reflected in the brilliant performance of more than 3000 customers on both sides. At present, more than 1billion embedded systems in the world have adopted Fenghe technology, and more than 11billion products have adopted Coverity solutions for quality control and safety defect testing before shipment

Wind River, the world's leading manufacturer of embedded and mobile application software, and Coverity, the world's leading supplier of development and testing solutions, announced today that they have worked together to integrate Coverity's development and testing platform for software security with Fenghe's embedded software

coverage will provide the version of coverage static analysis software that can be used for evaluation analysis. This set of software has been pre configured for the Wind River workbench, and can support both Wind River Linux and VxWorks, which are RTOS (real time operating system) that accelerates vertical extension, horizontal integration and surpasses the development time. This combination of solutions can help the development team smoothly incorporate various security considerations into the embedded software development process, so as to effectively solve the security vulnerability problem on the premise that the software program code has been written

according to various market evaluation and analysis, the total number of connected devices in the world is expected to reach 50billion by 2020. When embedded devices are more closely connected with other devices and networks, and mobile is also stronger, including medical devices, avionics, national defense systems, etc., will become the next wave of high-risk targets facing security threats. The cooperation between Coverity and Fenghe can be said to be a successful combination of market leaders in development testing and embedded software development. Fenghe has a rich and complete software product line, which has unique advantages in the embedded industry; Coverity solution can automatically scan the source code of the program to find out security vulnerabilities and quality defects, so that developers can make these vulnerabilities and defects appear one by one without changing the existing workflow, and greatly reduce the risk of directly listing with the final product due to the failure to screen out security vulnerabilities

Jennifer Johnson, vice president of marketing of Coverity, said: our development and testing solutions come from embedded software. So far, more than 1100 large equipment manufacturers and software companies around the world have relied on Coverity solutions to prevent serious defects in their products. We are very happy to work with Fenghe, a pioneer in the embedded software industry, so that we can add various security considerations to the development process in an unprecedented and simple way without delaying the speed of product launch

Marc Brown, vice president of tools and marketing strategy of Fenghe products department, said: due to the increasing security threats and the continuous growth of the connectivity of embedded devices, the product development process must be more focused on solving security problems. This demand is very urgent for the industry. By cooperating with Coverity this time, we jointly provide powerful solutions for embedded device developers, so that they can quickly and efficiently find and track security flaws in the software during the development process, control all security holes as much as possible before the product is launched, and greatly avoid potential security problems

Theresa lanowitz, co-founder of voke, Inc, an industrial analysis organization, pointed out that the product launch schedule continues to be compressed, which constantly puts great pressure on the development team, and therefore security issues are often ignored. It can be said that the integration of technology between Coverity and Fenghe has changed the testing market ecology, enabling the embedded development team to focus on solving security problems at the earliest stage, while taking into account the quality assurance, and effectively reducing the risk of brand image damage caused by product errors. In addition, it can also avoid damaging the company's overall revenue due to unknown security vulnerabilities in products

coverity's products happen to complement Fenghe's extensive product line, including providing a highly safe operating environment, testing software, and professional technology required by the industry. The development team who urgently needs to find a complete test solution can use coveri (1) to fully understand the important role of Anyang industry in the development process of writing applications to detect errors and correct them at the first time, without waiting for the application to be completed before being handed over to the QA (quality assurance) team to screen for errors. In the later quality control stage of the development cycle, Wind River test management, a set of test management tools, can be used to make good use of its specific security suite and automatic test system specifically for embedded device software to carry out various dynamic tests

about Coverity company

coverity (1. Users are not allowed to repair or open the body by themselves, and the original accessories should be used as much as possible for the replacement of internal cable parts.) It is a market leading supplier of test solutions. For enterprises eager to protect their brand image and expect to be free from software errors, Coverity has established a reliable industry standard in this regard. More than 1100 manufacturers around the world have adopted Coverity to develop test suite products to automatically test their program source code, so as to find out various software defects that may lead to final product failure, abnormal operation, safety omissions, or catastrophic results. Coverity is a private company jointly established by foundation capital and benchmark capital, headquartered in San Francisco, USA. For more detailed company information, official blog:

about wind river system company

Wind River company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Intel (nasdaq: INTC) and a leading embedded and mobile software provider in the world. Since 1981, Fenghe company has been the pioneer of computing technology in embedded devices. In today's world, more than 1billion products have applied the technical achievements of Fenghe company. Headquartered in Alameda, California, USA, wind river has branches in 15 countries around the world. For more information about Fenghe, please visit or

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