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The current market situation and development prospect of digital printing machine (I)

digital printing is a high-tech printing technology developed in the 1990s. In 1993, Israel lndigo company and Belgium Xeikon company launched e-print1000 and dcp-1 color digital printing machines at the same time. Later, Xeikon OEM its products to Agfa, Barco, IBM and other companies. At the drupa exhibition in 1995, different types of digital printing machines were exhibited, and digital printing has set off a boom all over the world. Since then, Xerox, Canon, Scitex, Heidelberg, Manroland and other companies have launched various types of digital printing products. Especially at the drupa exhibition in 2000, there were more digital prints than ever before. At the Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition in May this year, we also saw that companies from various countries exhibited many new products, and their technology has matured

digital printing has developed rapidly in Europe and the United States in recent years. According to a recent survey by Mark w Fleming, an American digital printing consultant, after a full survey of more than 90 industries that purchase and use printed matter, he found that digital printing publications and business printing increased from $7billion in 1997 to $11.4 billion in 2000, an increase of 63%

it is reported that the products of digital color on-demand printing in the United States have reached 54% of the total color activity in 2000. According to the survey of the American Printing Leaders Association, at present, about 24% of printing plants can provide digital printing services. In Europe, about 200000 enterprises have adopted full-color digital printing systems. According to Jeff Jacobson of Kodak poly optical printing group, digital printing has risen rapidly in the on-demand printing and short edition market, and now it is estimated that it has accounted for 7% of the total output value of the industry. Mr. benhart shiher, President of Heidelberg company, pointed out that in the print market produced by high-end printing machines, which is about $20billion a year, the total annual sales of prints produced by digital printing machines is $4billion. The market growth rate of ordinary printing equipment is only a few percent, while the annual growth rate of digital printing machines is expected to reach 18%. So far, Heidelberg has invested about US $400million in the development of digital printing machines, and exhibited the new products with high impact strength at (4) 0 ℃ in Drupa2000. Heidelberg's goal is to achieve the position of giant in the field of digital printing technology in the next few years. German MAN Roland company and gaobao company, which take the lead in the production field of traditional printing machines, have also actively launched a series of products of digital printing machines. World famous large-scale printing machine manufacturing enterprises have entered the field of digital printing, which reflects that the production of digital printing technology friction and wear testing machine also marks the process of industrialization in China and the ability to independently develop friction and wear testing machine, which has broad development prospects in the future. The development trend of the printing industry is towards short edition and variable data printing. At present, it is attracting customers in a personalized way. Cap printing research company predicts that the annual growth rate of on-demand printing retail sales in the United States will be 18%, from $21billion in 2000 to $48billion in 205. A Heidelberg executive predicted that in the United States, digital color printing machines will grow at an annual rate of 30%, reaching $48billion by 2008. Cap printing research also conducted a survey in Europe. It is predicted that the annual growth rate of on-demand printing retail sales in Europe will be 2296, the retail sales will increase from 8.61 billion euros in 1998 to 28.38 billion euros in 2004, and the printing market share will also increase from 20% to 29%

after several years of popularization and application of Jinan gold ring stiffness testing machine, its production process is almost fully accepted by people. The American Printing Leadership Association conducted a survey on enterprises that want to add new equipment in the next two years. 40% of the respondents said that in terms of function, according to the national standard, the experimental users of wood-based panel experimental machines with multi-function proposed to add digital printing machines, which is the highest percentage of enterprises preparing to buy new equipment. After investigation, the association predicts that the number of sites with variable data printers in the United States will increase by 350% from 1998 to 2002; The number of variable data printers installed in these places will increase by 375%. By 2002, the variable data printing machine only took 2% of the business from the current traditional lithographic printing machine. This shows that digital printing is developing a new on-demand printing market, rather than competing with the traditional lithography business

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