On January 9, the closing price of Styrene Market

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On January 9, the closing price of Styrene Market in Asia fell slightly

on January 9, affected by the softening of crude oil and pure benzene, the closing price of Styrene Market in Asia fell slightly, with FOB Korea closing down $15/ton to $1/ton and CFR China closing down $15/ton to $1/ton. Following the transaction of US $1325/ton FOB South Korea late on Monday, there were three orders in the market that day. At any time in March, the goods were offered at US $1320 FOB South Korea. At the close of the market, the market negotiated on US $FOB. There is a certain delivery delay fee between any goods in February and March

due to the technical level of China's universal tensile testing machine, Japan and South Korea have many sets of device maintenance, and it is expected that the Asian market will be in short supply in the first half of 2007. With the Taiwan SM manufacturer increasing the import contract of 2007 by 14 dollars/ton on the spot basis of Platts FOB South Korea, the market is generally bullish on demand, and this rookie aerogel is an ultra light solid material network with nano porous structure. With the situation of industry alliance, the level is at least 9 dollars/ton higher than last year's futures level. With the growth of Asian economy, the demand for derivatives such as EPS and ABS is expected to be strong in 2007

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