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Auto aftermarket entrepreneurs need to grasp the ten tuyeres

in recent years, China's auto aftermarket has risen rapidly. Then, in the next decade, what changes will be made in the auto repair brand, the pattern of auto repair shops, and the training of auto repair talents

▌1. The rise of auto repair chains

at one end are 4S stores with large investment scale and "never bad money", at the other end are a large number of roadside mom and pop stores, and in the middle are a few chain auto repair enterprises. The three constitute the enterprise pattern of "big at both ends and small in the middle" in China's auto repair industry

▲ the rise of auto repair chains

I am deeply ashamed

but this pattern formed by resource rent-seeking and technological information monopoly will sooner or later be eliminated by the market, and chain auto repair enterprises characterized by low-cost operation and high brand service - that is, a small part of what we call the middle will eventually rise. By 2026, more than half of China's auto repair plants will be included in the chain brands

▌2. The original 4S store group reshuffled and reached out to the brand auto repair chain market. The proliferation of 4S stores in China is caused by specific historical conditions and policies. With the strengthening of the government's anti-monopoly efforts and the penetration of the market mechanism, the tide of 4S store closures has already arrived. However, the car dealer group, which is rich and powerful, is not a dry eater. They will follow the general trend and compete for the brand auto repair chain market with their existing resource advantages and operating experience. In the past two years, Mercedes Benz's domestic 100 chain Express repair shop project is an example. Therefore, by 2026, the fast repair chain of a single brand led by the car factory will also account for at least 10% of the market of the auto repair industry

▌3. Reasonable layout of various business forms of automobile maintenance

by 2026, the automobile maintenance industry will form a 1+x business framework of "leading a variety of business forms in the community with a large comprehensive automobile maintenance center located in the suburbs". Large accident maintenance and highly difficult overhaul will be completed in the large comprehensive automobile maintenance center, whose business feature is "professional"; The ordinary quick repair and maintenance and the body and paint business with less than 4 boards will be undertaken by the community store, Its service features are "Efficient". In a word, car owners can enjoy humanized after-sales service to the greatest extent.

▌ 4. Car owners' demands for auto repair brands are strengthened

Chinese consumers have high dependence and low loyalty on brands. They attach far more importance to brands than prices or channels, and believe that brand products are safer, higher quality or more reliable than non brand products. Unfortunately, for the maintenance of private cars, medium At present, Chinese car owners do not seem to have too many choices. The car is broken. They don't know where to find a reliable auto repair company. If one test piece fails to meet the requirements, the factory will repair it. Therefore, even if they know that the price of 4S is high, they will be forced to be slaughtered

on the one hand, it pursues market-oriented high cost performance, on the other hand, it pursues the reliability of service quality, coupled with the modern concept of the new generation of post-80s and post-90s car owners, the whole automobile consumer group has stronger brand demand for auto repair enterprises and the bottleneck of key strategic materials and technology research. Therefore, a large number of auto repair plants without brand recognition and various certifications will die and be eliminated by the market

▌5. Brand equipment manufacturers promote the secondary upgrading of auto repair equipment

with the increasing pressure on the survival of auto repair plants, the contradiction between the strong demand for improved return on investment and inefficient production capacity is becoming more and more prominent, resulting in an increasing demand for new equipment that can improve efficiency, such as automation equipment. In the next 10 years, the concept of "fast repair" will be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Coupled with the sharp rise in human costs and the innovation of maintenance technology, it also puts forward high requirements for the efficiency of maintenance equipment. This will certainly promote the secondary upgrading of auto repair equipment

▌6. The expansion of a number of general parts suppliers

the large-scale supply of parts is an inevitable trend, so within 10 years, it is bound to form a separatist situation of a number of large parts suppliers with different vehicle lines and different regions

▌7. "Where to repair cars" is the dominant public comment platform.

with the growing market territory of brand chain stores, the new generation of car owners have strong demand for similar platforms, which can also form an evaluation culture. This kind of platform is likely to appear through the integration of web side +app, and according to the law of network platform, this kind of platform can only be dominated by one

▌8. The emergence of practical and free garage management software is an inevitable trend. The future garage management software is bound to be applicable to all kinds of automobile repair enterprises. The PC terminal of the automobile repair workshop is combined with various types of mobile terminals. Maintenance technicians, workshop directors, garage owners, finance, customers and other topics can use different interfaces and ports respectively. The most important thing is that the software platform is basically stored in the cloud, which is free and open to repair garages, while service providers rely on big data and charging fees for specific ports to make profits

▌9. There are many large-scale private auto repair training chain institutions that pay attention to practical operation

although the Chinese government attaches great importance to vocational education and allocates huge funds to vocational colleges and universities of all sizes every year, the root ills of public colleges and universities determine that it is impossible to train and cultivate practical maintenance technicians who are required by the market

in the next decade, the gap of maintenance technicians will be filled mainly by two ways: one is the training of chain enterprises' own training base, and the other is the training of private training institutions. As for secondary vocational and higher vocational colleges, they can only do some basic knowledge training and send academic qualifications. In the future, China's auto repair training market will inevitably be occupied by several large training institutions, and the authority of the certification issued by them will gradually become prominent in the industry

▌10. The level certification system of auto repairmen is more perfect, and the wages are rising, which is close to developed countries

at present, China's certification system for auto repairmen has not yet been announced that China is a lion of peace when going out for a visit. The auto repair team has been established, and the good and bad are intermingled. Wages in the auto repair industry also have a lot of room to rise. With the standardization of the auto repair industry and the inevitable establishment and gradual improvement of the level certification system of maintenance technicians, the salary will also be further increased. Bringing up professional auto repair workers is the model of developed countries and the model of China's auto repair market

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