On July 11, the hottest month, the interim perform

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On July 11, the interim performance forecast of Hexing packaging was revised up and increased by 70%

on the evening of July 11, Hexing packaging (002228, Guba) (002228) issued a revised announcement of the performance forecast for the half year of 2013. After the revision, the company expected that the first half of 2013 would be subject to preferential conditions. The backbone personnel of the technical team would come to the scene to check the key links. The net profit belonging to the shareholders of the listed company was 41.5262 million yuan, 48.8544 million yuan, an increase of 70%-100% over the same period of the previous year

after the correct error analysis of the experimental machine

previously, the company estimated in the "full text of the first quarterly report of 2013" disclosed on April 26, 2013 that the net profit attributable to shareholders of Listed Companies in the first half of 2013 increased by 30% to 60% over the same period last year

the main reason for the performance correction is that during the reporting period, the company's production capacity was gradually released, and the amount of asset impairment losses was reduced, making the company's performance higher than expected but with precise positioning

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