On July 16, the market price of nylon filament in

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On July 16, the market price of nylon filament in Jiangsu and Zhejiang was stable

on January 6, the research on shear lag effect in this case is of great significance to the design and analysis of thin-walled box girders. At present, the material testing machine is a high-precision testing instrument, and the price of lactam has been temporarily stable. At present, the mainstream price is 13000 yuan/ton, the price is the same as that in the previous period, and the market price has little change

the upstream slicing is weak. The mainstream quotation of high-speed spinning slicing in Jiangsu and Zhejiang regions remains at 16200 yuan/ton, and the price is still weak. Nylon silk market is still weak

the current mainstream price of poy70d/24f in downstream Jiangsu is 19500 yuan/ton, and the price is loose as a whole, mainly negative. The decline of raw materials makes the import and export volume relatively small, thus making the downstream market demand average

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