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On February 2, Jiangxi Jirui Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. has officially applied for listing on the new third board, according to the listing data disclosed by the national stock transfer system. Jirui energy conservation was founded in March 2006 and completed the share reform in October 2014. Song Cong, chairman of the board, and Zhu Liping, director, together accounted for 76.10% of the shares, and were the joint actual controllers

according to the data of wabe new third board Research Institute, the operating revenue of girui energy conservation in 2015, 2014 and 2013 was 30.3105 million yuan, 22.7313 million yuan and 9.3452 million yuan respectively; The net profits were 153 respectively, in line with ergonomics 260000 yuan, -2880400 yuan, -164100 yuan

the announcement shows that girui energy saving is a production and processing enterprise focusing on the R & D, production and sales of building energy-saving glass. The products are divided into Low-E hollow energy-saving glass and ordinary hollow glass, which are mainly used for doors and windows of civil buildings, commercial buildings, high-quality small doors and windows, glass curtain walls and medium and high-end sound insulation doors and windows

low-e energy-saving insulating glass is an environmental friendly and energy-saving glass with low heat transfer coefficient. NASA has also developed a flame retardant and enhanced series with nanocomp company located in Mak, New Hampshire, the United States, and the characteristics of reflecting far-infrared thermal radiation, so that the high transmittance of the glass is cleverly combined with the low transmittance of solar thermal radiation, allowing only the visible light in the sunlight to enter the room and blocking the thermal radiation therein, Even if there is sunlight, there will be no heat feeling, which can not only ensure that the indoor heat energy in winter does not leak out, but also block the heat energy of summer sunshine from entering the room

the sponsor securities company of girui energy conservation applying for listing this time is Southwest Securities, the legal adviser is Shanghai jintiancheng law firm, and the financial audit is Beijing Xinghua Certified Public Accountants (special general partnership)

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