Jinxi launched high-performance polysulfide adhesi

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Jinxi launched high-performance polysulfide adhesive

recently, Jinxi Research Institute of chemical industry successfully developed jlc-18 high-performance polysulfide adhesive for automobiles at the beginning of the year. The product has reasonable formula, advanced and feasible technology, and has the dual functions of excellent structural bonding and elastic sealing, which make it more convenient for people to travel. The actual test shows that all technical indicators have reached the level of similar products of Fiat company in Italy, with tensile shear strength of more than 2.0MPa and elongation at break of more than 200%, filling the domestic gap. Nanjing Iveco group company will use it in I and will continue to cooperate with Neo company in the bonding and sealing test of exco5912 high top van polyester FRP top cover and painted body frame. The results show that it can completely replace imported products. In addition, it can also be applied to other high roof large vehicles, such as Jinan Steyr heavy truck. Because of its good performance and 40% lower price than imported products, the market prospect is promising

because ljc-18 high-performance polysulfide adhesive has better oil resistance, sealing, water resistance and durability than other types of sealing adhesives, it is not only of great significance to the lightweight of vehicles, but also can be applied to the bonding and sealing of ships, electronics, bridges, high-end buildings, airport runways and other fields, so the market prospect is broad. At present, Jinhua academy is stepping up the construction of a production device with an annual output of 100 tons of jlc-18 high-performance polysulfide adhesive, which is to change the failure of the fatigue testing machine

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