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In modern architecture, whether it is high-end buildings or ordinary residential buildings, people not only pursue its practicality and beauty, but also pay more attention to energy conservation, environmental protection, safety, privacy and other functions that are inseparable from people's health

in the past decoration design, people always ignored the most important part of the room - the glass window. The function of glass window is nothing more than daylighting in people's traditional cognition; Shelter from the wind and rain; These basic functions of sound insulation and heat preservation. More people don't notice that about 40% of the energy loss in our office or room is lost through glass windows. This part of the energy loss should be compensated by the continuous cooling of the air conditioner or increasing the heat loss of the heating in winter. We have to pay more for electricity or heat. The traditional glass window, which can only provide basic functions, can no longer meet people's increasing demand for office or life quality. Thierry Merlot, President of hatch, said: "The project's investment in Leicester's work order continuous growth plant will enable hatch company to achieve the use pursuit of high key technology of composite non autoclave molding. Beautiful and applicable, comfortable and warm, safe and private, energy-saving and environmental friendly office or home environment is approaching our life.

Johnson (Johnson & Johnson) On the basis of greatly improving the original function of window glass, building glass film adds more new functions with more practical value. For example:

· anti glare - reduce disturbing glare and reflected light entering the room, up; read; Watching TV is more relaxing and pleasant, which plays an effective role in protecting eyes

· UV protection -- block more than 99% of UV. Prevent indoor articles and fabrics from aging and fading. At the same time, it also protects your skin from UV damage

· privacy -- the glass film with single perspective function obscures indoor activities, making life more relaxed and comfortable

· the key point of an high-temperature tensile testing machine is that the fixture is fully explosion-proof -- the glass is still completely pasted together after being broken. It turns ordinary glass into safety glass. It effectively prevents the injury to people after the glass is broken. For bulletproof glass, splashes can be prevented

· energy saving and heat insulation - block a large amount of solar radiation heat energy from entering the room in summer, and prevent heat energy from leaking out in winter. So as to save energy by more than 30% - 40%. Greatly reduce the cost of air conditioning and heating

· beautify the environment -- make the window glass more beautiful by choosing different color films. Soft indoor light can be obtained while changing the appearance of the building. It shows the owner's personality pursuit

in most families and public places in developed countries such as Europe and the United States. In the decoration project, glass film has been considered as an indispensable project by designers and owners

in China, architectural glass film has been more and more respected by more and more people after automotive glass film. Johnson (Johnson & Johnson) architectural glass film, which was widely used in some high-end landmark buildings in the past, has now begun to enter the homes of ordinary people. The huge market demand will make the glass film industry develop unprecedentedly

as an enterprise directly under the central government, China Building Materials Equipment Co., Ltd. is the only general agent of Johnson (Johnson & Johnson) glass film in China. Since the introduction of Johnson (Johnson & Johnson) glass film from the United States by the national building materials administration in 1996, the application of this product has developed very rapidly. It has won wide praise and trust. At present, in the first tier of more developed cities, it is being pursued by families who pursue a perfect quality of life. The glass film market has been in a rapid start-up stage. As a project to start a business and get rich, small and medium-sized investors are a rare choice with less investment, less risk and quick effect. It is understood that China Building Materials Equipment Co., Ltd. is currently recruiting construction film dealers across the country. In the initial stage, the company will also give strong support and help in personnel training, business development, publicity and promotion

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