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Jiujiang Jinbei plastic products factory actively expands 3G new market

in recent years, with the rapid development of China's social economy and the introduction of various favorable policies, China's plastic products industry has achieved a rapid development speed. According to the data statistics of the "2013-2017 China plastic products industry production and marketing demand and investment forecast analysis report", China's plastic products output has always been in the forefront of the world rankings, among which a variety of plastic products have ranked first in the world, and China has become the world's largest producer of plastic products through the maintenance and use of general instruments and meters. In, the average annual growth rate of China's plastic products output remained above 15%, and the total output of China's plastic products reached 58.3 million tons in 2010

however, although the future prospect of China's plastic products industry is broad, the fierce industry competition is inevitable, and the competition of major enterprises for the traditional offline market is increasingly fierce. In order to find a new market blue ocean, Jiujiang Jinbei plastic products factory, a benchmark enterprise in the plastic products industry, actively expands the new 3G mobile Internet market and shows a broad market prospect

Jiujiang Jinbei plastic products factory is a professional manufacturer specializing in the production of disposable environmental protection paper cups, disposable environmental protection plastic cups, 1500 booth environmental protection plastic bowls, tasting small paper cups, milk tea paper cups, cola cups, coffee cups and other industries. Since its establishment, the enterprise has taken high-quality products, preferential prices, excellent services and common development with customers as its business purpose, adopted advanced technical equipment, imported raw materials and scientific formulas, developed disposable paper cups and plastic cups of different specifications, and customized special cups and advertising cups of different specifications according to the different needs of users, which can print various patterns and words required by customers on the body of paper cups, The product has the characteristics of waterproof, oil-proof, heat-resistant, non leakage, no pollution, no odor, good strength, good texture, natural degradation, wide range of materials, high recycling value, etc. At present, the enterprise has grown into a benchmark enterprise in the domestic plastic products industry, and has been highly recognized by the majority of customers and the industry

although it has occupied a huge market share in the traditional offline market, the brother of Jiujiang Jinbei plastic products factory has taken a fancy to the broad market prospect of 3G mobile Internet. Because of this, Xiong Yanbing, the head of the enterprise, not only created a 3G platform for information exchange in the plastic products industry in the 3G field, but also created a Jiujiang bank client

Xiong Yanbing believes that with the increasing number of smart 3G users in China, 3G mobile Internet has gathered a huge group of potential customers. The preemptive layout of 3G Internet can not only enhance the popularity of enterprises by taking advantage of the communication advantages of mobile Internet, but also fully tap the potential market in the 3G field, so as to improve the product sales of enterprises in the offline market and improve the economic benefits of enterprises

"through the direct overall adoption of composite materials in the design, industry experts pointed out that with the increasingly prominent role of 3G mobile Internet in the development of modern enterprises, more and more enterprises have focused on the emerging mobile Internet with the rising cost of imported finished paper in the future. The development of Jiujiang Jinbei plastic products factory in the new market of 3G Internet has opened the development path of emerging e-commerce in China's plastic products industry

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