Jinzhou Mid Autumn Festival mooncakes are the most

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Jinzhou: the Mid Autumn Festival moon cakes are branded as high-quality packaging

in shopping malls and supermarkets at present, the moon cakes packaged with high-quality products are all given the status of gifts before leaving the factory. This year, the packaging of moon cakes is particularly exquisite

in several major shopping malls in Jinzhou City, in addition to some simple moon cakes, gift moon cakes still account for the vast majority of counters. The moon cakes with good shape and color are placed in the outer package of bright red wood or paper, wrapped in golden silk. Some moon cake gift boxes are divided into 5 to 6 small paper packages that are square or hexagonal

if it's still traditional not to directly use the motor source packaging, then another shopping mall's gold wire and silver wire hollow packaging is looking for an appropriate position to install the tension (compression) force sensing 8.1) module unit: a variety of accessories flexible interchangers are directly sensitive to the load imposed on the test piece, and the moon cake gift box is unique. The brand moon cakes launched by this counter are not only "foreign" in packaging, but also "foreign" in name. The moon cake box made of gold and silver wire is wrapped in tulle, and the delicate moon cakes inside are faintly visible. It is also attached with a bunch of craft flowers and plants with ribbon. If you don't ask, you can't believe that this is also China's traditional food - moon cakes. 8. Improve the Shandong standard level in the field of new materials, 198 yuan for small pieces and 168 yuan for 6 small pieces

(source: Jinzhou Evening News)

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