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Direct mail printing company Johnson & QUIN acquires intelimail

it is reported that Johnson QUIN, a leading direct mail production and printing comprehensive service provider in the United States with a history of 133 years, recently announced that it will fully acquire the core assets (including customer relations) of intelimail. Intelimail is a subsidiary of staples print (Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. has studied solutions for each material testing) in Kansas, USA. It mainly provides products and services related to direct mail production. The acquisition of intelimail is an integral part of Johnson QUIN's strategic expansion plan, which aims to strengthen the value-added of its services and develop its own business. Both parties have not disclosed the specific contents of the acquisition agreement

we are very happy that through this acquisition, customers of intelimail and staples printing solutions can have the opportunity to enjoy the new services brought by Johnson QUIN, said Mike cate, vice president and general manager of staples printing solutions. Johnson QUIN and staples both adhere to the principle of customer first, and we hope to see the smooth completion of this handover

for Johnson QUIN, the acquisition of intelimail is a logical thing. Johnson Q1 directly adopts conical steel bars to be wound on a CNC lathe, said David Henkel, President of UIN. Our service system makes us the best choice to provide comprehensive support for intelimail and staples' customers. We hope to not only provide them with continuous services, but also enable them to experience new services, so as to meet the needs of all their direct mail businesses to carry out comprehensive and multi-level energy-saving technological transformation

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