Jizhou electronics launched KGK

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Jizhou electronics launched KGK

KGK Jizhou Electronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jizhou Technology Research Institute in Japan, recently launched a new standard large character inkjet printer: kgk-hqm large character printer, which maintains the advantages of KGK HQ series large character printer's consistent high speed and stable operation, and can spray and print clear and bright trademarks and logos with exquisite patterns on all kinds of cartons, paper, wood and other porous materials

simple operation

hqm Large Print inkjet printer adopts an independent wince operating system. The company has independently developed and completed the software design with active PbO2 as the core, which is more humanized, and its simple and clear management interface makes user operation more simple and convenient

the spray printing pattern is exquisite

h the measured force value will be smaller if the loading rate is slow. Mei JQM large character inkjet printer is equipped with 128 nozzles, which can work at the same time in the range of about 2cm. The font effect produced by the spray printing is very similar to that of the printed matter, which can make the packaging effect to a higher level

a master controller, four nozzle design

hqm Large Print inkjet printer a master controller controls the design of four mutually independent nozzles, so that a inkjet printer can work independently on four assembly lines

the smooth adjustment of color LCD from 0 ° to 45 ° has not been reported in the previous ceramic and ceramic matrix composite structure

hqm large character inkjet printer is independently developed by our company from the nozzle to the main controller. The color LCD touch screen on the main controller can be smoothly adjusted from 0 ° to 45 ° through the sliding bar to spray the logo in units of 5 °

maintenance is more convenient

hqm large font inkjet printer is specially equipped with maintenance switch, which can replace the main controller filter, nozzle and ink printing control box from the front, making daily maintenance more convenient

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data backup is simple

hqm Large Print inkjet printer is equipped with PC card interface (PCMCIA typeII) and Ethernet card, which makes data backup and transmission easier

nationwide technical support system

now KGK has set up branches and offices in 13 major cities across the country, and established sales networks and technical support systems throughout the country

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