Jizhida launched intelp4lga775fs

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Jizhida launched Intel P4 LGA775 fsb800 single board computer

Jizhi improved the raw and auxiliary materials supporting system. At present, jizhida has launched a single board computer that fully conforms to the RoHS lead-free process - peak760vl2 (LF), which supports the Intel lga775pentim4 processor, with a maximum operation speed of 3.8ghz, 533/800mhzfsb, ddr2400/533mhz memory, and built a PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet port with high temperature resistance. It supports the full sizepeak of picmg1.0 and carries out load calculation and loading 760vl2 (LF). It adopts the latest intel915gvexpress chipset, which can provide the maximum system transmission rate, 4GB memory, and i/o bandwidth, so that gold medical can achieve integrated production efficiency and scalability within the company. It is an industrial computer with quite high cost performance, which is suitable for storage devices, high-order computing hosts, high-order industrial controllers Multimedia playback and other applications

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